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Details Really Matter.

That is why our multi-disciplinary team of Colombian staff ensure every detail makes your visit unforgettable. Get to know us better here!


Rodrigo Atuesta

Managing Partner

My job is to be the guardian of the vision of my business. I articulate the efforts of the different areas of my team and encompass them in the same direction. I work closely to product development, do big part of the scouting, footage and photography and build our contact network. What is always in the back of my head, is how to keep the team and IMPULSE crew motivated to always deliver the best service and experiences. 


Education: Industrial Engineering undergrad with a minor in psychology. I have lived in 4 countries and traveled for a whole year around the globe. 


Motivation: I want the world to know Colombia for the positive things. I want to make every single visitor who comes to our country to go back home loving Colombia. I'm an innate traveler, and I know that travel is more about the people than the places. This is why I'm always making connections between the travelers and the Colombians.  


Interests: Sailing, urban biker, yogi, veggie food, music lover and do my best at photography.

Diego Martinez

Finance Manager

I'm the number guy of the crew, so I'm always looking after the costs, taking care of the finances and keeping track of the accounting.


Education: I studied Hotel and Tourism Management. My thesis was a gastronomic route of Tumaco, which gave a wide vision of the tourism in Colombia.


Motivation: My biggest motivation has always been showing the best of my country. I strongly believe that tourism is one of best ways to boost local economy.


Interests: entrepreneurship and sci-fi movies. 


Sebastián Rodriguez

Partnerships Manager

I'm the person in charge of maintaing the partnerships with our commercial allies. Any question, change, suggestion o special request will be taken care of by me. I support the team when the logistics of a team go beyond our normal operation, and am also the person in charge of guide recruitment. 



Education: Leisure and hospitality management professional, with studies in Human Resources. Lived and learned a lot from the internal workings methodology of the Walt Disney World Company. 



Motivation: Definitely improving the image of my country. Show all the beautiful things we have, and at the same time explain the reasons behind the bad things that happen in Colombia. All of this is a way to create consciousness of the many realities that can existe, not only in Colombia, but in the world. I also love the idea of knowing that I can generate happiness and satisfaction not only to the travellers, but also to all our collaborators. 



Interests: Cross-fit, salsa dancing. 

Alejandra Acuña

Operations Director

My role at IMPULSE is to coordinate all the reservations that we get daily and support the administrative area. Most of my time is spent paying attention to the specific detail every tour has, so our clients have a unique experience. 


Education:Hospitality and Leisure Management professional, with a specialization in Strategic Marketing for Hotels and Tourism.


Motivation: I want every single person who visits us to come back home with a good image of Colombia, and that they wish to return to continue exploring our marvelous landscapes and learn more about our culture.


Interests: Movies, swimming, reading, travelling

Paula Duarte

Travel Consultant

I am in charge of customer service: solving their doubts, making recommendations and helping them plan their trips. During my daily activities, I’m always thinking about how to give our customers memorable and significant experiences that will let them return home satisfied.


Education: Hotel and Tourism Management degree from Externado de Colombia University.


Motivation: I love my country and I strongly believe in it. I’m convinced in the potential that Colombia has to offer the world, beyond the negative image that we had some years ago. My main motivation is to help other travelers discover the magic of our country, make their experience something unique and at the same time, learn more about my beloved Colombia. I love to travel, discover new cultures, food, music... and I think that Colombia is a perfect place to find these things.


Interests: Sports, dancing, reading, food, travel

Daniel Serna

Content & Communications Manager

I'm in charge of all of our company's communication products. I work constantly to improve how we show our destinations and create new amazing experiences for our visitors.
Education: Master of Arts with minor degrees in Design and Literature
Motivation: I' m passionate about traveling in Colombia. It is such a big and diverse place, that there' s always more to know and to be amazed at. What I' ve lived, and the marvelous things I' ve seen, drive me to connect others with my country' s magic.

Interests: Urban cycling, Hiking, Music, Nature

Farid Cortez


Follow up on processes where emotions, intuition and other soft skills can take the members of a team to line up with their goals and purposes.


Education: Creative and operations director at La Hortensia, with a Visual Arts masters, entrepreneur, meditator, traveller. 


Motivation: Every single person has a natural calling to develop that thing that makes us absolutely happy and that lights up our passion, and will, and allows us to fully express out abilities and natural talents. Helping others find that calling, the Dharma, is what keeps me motivated and working daily.  


Interests: meditation, yoga, photography, gardening

Jason Rojas


I'm in charge of providing solutions through technology, focused towards a positive user experience and efficiency in internal operations.


Education: Mainly self-taught in different areas of technology from an early age. Complimentary studies in Software Development from SENA. 


Motivation: Using technology to bring people together and tell the world what Colombia is. I like designing solutions so my team can focus on the things that only humans can do, and leave the rest to the computers. 


Interests: Star Wars, video games

Enrique Pulido

Travel Consultant

To improve the experience of our customers through a positive and always attentive attitude.


Education:  Undergraduate studies in Tourism and Hotel Management. I have lived in 2 countries and I am able to communicate in English and French.


Motivation: I believe in the tourism growth of the country and picture Colombia as one of the Latin American countries with the highest tourist flow in the coming years. Traveling outside of Colombia has made me realize how much value and potential it has and how it is within our reach to make responsible use of everything that Colombia has to offer.


Interests: Passionate about music and concerts, skiing and snow, learning new languages, I like hiking and outdoor landscapes, cinema and history.

Daniela Ortiz

Travel Consultant

My job at Impulse is to always be in touch with our clients, making sure we're covering all their necessities, solving their doubts, planning their vacations, giving them recommendations and trying my best to exceed their expectations while they're in Colombia.


Education: Hospitality and Tourism Management from Externado University of Colombia


Motivation: Traveling through Colombia has allowed me to open my mind and know the wonders that this country has to offer. I'm absolutely in love with Colombia and there is still so much to learn and discover here, that I want everyone in the world to see it and I wanna work everyday for that. In this industry is where I'm at my happiest, either traveling or working, it's my passion and I don't see myself anywhere else.


Interests: Music, going to concerts, animal lover, traveling.

Nikola Kelch

Digital Marketer

My job at IMPULSE is to catch the attention of interested travelers with the tours we offer through our beautiful country. With my work, I want to make it easier for them to get the information they need and finally have an incredible experience on their trip.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf

Motivation: Travelling is my biggest passion and I am amazed by the rich culture and breathtaking landscape in Colombia. There is barely a country that has so much historical and natural highlights to offer. My motivation is to give everyone the possibility to dive beyond the surface and experience the country in all its beauty.

Interests: traveling, reading, sports, food

Diana Paez

Accounting assistant

 I am the person in charge of verifying, codifying, registering and processing accounting documents, in order to provide truthful, reliable and timely financial information for decision making.

Education: Professional in Public Accounting with Specialization in Business Management.

Motivation: To contribute to the social and economic growth of my country through its cultural diversity.

Interests: Sports, music, travel.

Geraldine Caamaño

Logistics Coordinator

I am in charge of logistics, assignment of the tourist guides, drivers and making sure that the trips are the best experience for our clients. I am the person who is behind the scenes, watching everything that happens so that the trip is simply perfect and unforgettable. I will be there to make sure it all works correctly.

Education: Technician and Technologist in Accounting and Finance. English as a second language.

Motivation: They say that life is a book and those who have not traveled have only read the first page, unquestionably travel to know, learn, grow and break with the stereotypes of this society. Colombia is a country full of adventures and cultures, its colors and accents fill hearts, being part of the IMPULSE TEAM is a great inspiration to help others see the beauty of our country.

Interests: Lover of animals, video games, snow, aviation and travel.

Valeria Quintana

Travel Consultant

My work at impulse is focused on direct customer relations before and during their experience in Colombia, give them alternatives and solutions for their next trip. Also, I arrange the logistic processes on weekends to make the customer experience the best.

Education: Degree on Hotel and Tourism Management of Universidad Externado de Colombia

Motivation: I’m passionate about traveling, know and learn about my country. I trust in Colombia touristic potential and I would love to contribute to that with my personal and labor work.

: Travel, Volleyball, Cycling, music, fill albums, read, dance, photos

Lizeth Riaño

Product Leader

Together with the local communities, I create the experiences we offer to travelers and the multi-format content we use to communicate them to the world. My role is to conduct the product and field research making exploration trips in Colombia to discover potential new tours. I work with communities, allied operators and other actors to formulate pollicies of co-working and make sure we all have a fair and collaborative relationship. I create storytelling, digital content, copywriting and cost management for our experiences.

Education: Anthropologist and Master in Journalism. Researcher and transmedia storyteller in cultural and audiovisual heritage,design, gender & urban fields.  

Motivation: My passion is to discover, learn and connect with people from my own culture and other countries. The cultural and landscape diversity of Colombia moves me to keep creating projects, ideas and experiences to share with others while traveling. 

Interests: Creative writing, illustration, photography, museums, hiking, biking & urban travel.

Laura Díaz

Web and graphic designer

I am in charge of design and manage the communication and identity of Impulse Travel. Also, I track daily data to improve aspects of UX and UI on our platforms.

Fomation: Designer and Master of Journalism student.

Motivation: Making life easier for those who require or prefer to use digital environments. In summary, avoiding or improving the complexities.

Interests: Gastronomy, travel, alternative medicine, astrology.

Dylan Darius

Community Manager

From digital marketing strategy to content development, I work to connect travelers and businesses with IMPULSE through our messaging. 

Education: I studied Political Science and Hispanic Studies at Oberlin College in Ohio, while also spending a semester in Havana, Cuba. My undergraduate researched was focused on transitional justice in Latin America. 

Motivation: I want to connect travelers and local communities to build a better planet.

Interests: exploring the outdoors, collecting music, travel, salsa, the parche.


Joshua Hauville

Digital Marketing Intern

I am tasked with managing various elements of our digital media platforms to ensure that our progress and goals are clearly communicated to all past, current and prospective clients. 

Education: Double Bachelor of Media Production and Laws from University of New South Wales Australia. 

Motivation: Not merely travelling, but having an ability to properly engage with other cultures as well as remaining open to learning from new experiences are some of my greatest motivations. My role at IMPULSE not only provides an insight into Colombian culture, but an opportunity to develop professionally in the world of digital marketing. 

Interests: travel, photography, food and reading. 

Diana Florez

Revenue Manager

My role at Impulse is to optimize our products throughout different digital sales platforms and to create a sustainable strategy with these channels.

Education: I earned both my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering. I’d like to think that I have also learned about life and the world through traveling (to +40 countries) and living abroad.

Motivation: I love my country, its landscapes, its culture and flavors, and the people that make it a magical place. I want to share my passion and love for Colombia with others, and I strongly believe that responsible and sustainable tourism is one way I can (and want to) do that.

Interests: Traveling, the beach, saving the planet, spreading love, reading, and dogs.

Juan David Salazar

Head of Crew

I’m here to provide my experience and skills to develop Impulse's organization and human resources with the goal to establish win-win relationships and instruments that enhance the value that our core team, crew, and allies to provide a better journey for our travelers. 


I studied industrial engineering with a specialization in international business. Entrepreneurship, government and international cooperation are the elements of my experience that are synchronously intertwined for the development of Impulse's future.


I have been amazingly fortunate to travel through Colombia and other parts of the world on foot, by bicycle, by bus, motorcycle, car, boat, and plane. Knowing Colombia's colors, contrasts, greatness, and potential moves my heart, while having deep respect for its progress, and provides hope and confidence on what it means to be here.


Environment, breathing, hiking, meditation, and personal/spiritual development


We are here to help you travel to Colombia. Don't hesitate to contact us Below!



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