Mavecure Hills 4-Day Trip


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Experience the mystical Cerros de Mavecure on this 4-day tour through the tropical forest of Guainía. Connect with local communities and explore the beautiful landscape.



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Traveling to the department of Guainía is an experience that you definitely should not miss! Visiting the hills of Mavecure and the impressive places of this region is a unique opportunity. These famous hills are a rock formation, part of the Guyanese shield, which with more than 4000 million years is one of the oldest geological formations on the planet. In this case, you will see 3 gigantic rocks that embrace the majestic river Inírida. You can ascend to the top of one of these huge monoliths, reaching approximately 250 meters high. For this adventure, we will ask the permission of the indigenous communities, since these rocks are a sacred place for them. Apart from the impressive monoliths, you will visit different rivers and streams found in the area, such as the Orinoco, and the Atabapo among others which are a must-see along with their landscapes, sunsets, and white-sand beaches.



Day 1: Bogotá - Puerto Inírida - Mavecure

To start this adventure you will be received with a typical lunch of the region in Puerto Inírida. After enjoying the traditional flavors, you will embark to the Mavecure, Pájaro, and Mono hills belonging to the Remanso and Venado Indigenous Reserves. There you will be welcomed to the Community of Remanso where you can settle in an indigenous hut of the community. After you have settled in, you will go on a walk to Cerro Diablo where you will see the gallery forests (forests where the exuberance of the vegetation still allows wide spaces where you can walk). Upon returning from this beautiful hike, you will be able to enjoy an indigenous dinner in the reserve before going to rest in your hammock.


Day 2: Ascent Cerros de Mavicure - La Ceiba Community

After breakfast, you will embark on the Mavecure, Pájaro, and Mono (tepui) hills. You will ascend to the tepuy (Mavicure), to recognize the landscapes of the Guyanese Shield. On your return, you will visit the Caño San Joaquín where you will have a while to enjoy bathing in its waters. After having lunch (a delicious fish) in the community, you will take the boat to reach the community of La Ceiba. There, after settling in and having dinner, you will have a short ride in Curiara, a small canoe, through the Caño Pajarito to make a recognition of the ichthyofauna, and on the return, you can rest in your hammock.

 Day 3: La Ceiba Community- Morú Reserve

Early and after you have your breakfast in the Community of La Ceiba, you will visit the Honey Route, a form of beekeeping that promotes conservation and is of great importance for sustainability. After you have lunch, you will take the boat out of this community to move to the source of the Great Orinoco River where you will make recognition of the “River Star” of Inírida, and its tributaries Inírida, Guaviare, Atabapo, and Orinoco rivers. On the tour, you will enjoy bathing in the waters of the Atabapo River in front of the Piedra de Maviso border area with Venezuela to finally arrive in the afternoon at the MORU Natural Reserve where you will have lunch. There you will be sleeping in a hammock or tent with an inflatable mattress and sheets.


During the afternoon you can choose between 2 options to do:

Option 1. You will be able to ascend the treetops until you reach a first platform in the canopy of the trees where you will start a journey crossing bridges at 19 meters high, on a 160-meter route through the jungle of the northeastern Amazon.

Option 2. You can row through Caño Jota to enjoy the landscape and the sighting of fauna and flora during the tour. After this activity, you will be able to enjoy your dinner and you will have your accommodation in a cabin in multiple accommodations.

Day 4:

In the morning after breakfast, you will have a short walking tour through the Mateven Jungle within the Morú Reserve, close to the place of your stay. With this, you will finish your tour in the Guainía region returning by boat to the city of Inírida; from where you will depart to the city of Bogotá.



  • Explorer Leader all the tour
  • Knowledgeable Guide in the language of your preference
  • Entry tickets to attractions mentioned
  • Fluvial transport to all the places
  • Land transport in Puerto Inirida
  • All three meals while staying there
  • Accommodation in hammocks at the shared cabins of the communities and at the Morú reserve

Not Included

  • The air tickets from Bogota to Puerto Inirida which usually would be around 500.000COP and 700.0000COP per person.
  • Snacks
  • Not specified expenses

Important information

  • Air flights to this area are very limited. We recommend you book it in advance and indicate the round trip dates to adjust the itinerary.
  • Customize your trip: If you want to extend or decrease your stay, contact us. It is also possible to add or delete a route if you wish.
  • Yellow fever and tetanus vaccination is required. There may be alterations in what is proposed due to unforeseen events caused by weather, road collapses, medical emergencies, poor communications, failures or delays in transportation, and unforeseen events in general. In the event of modifications, they will be agreed with the group seeking satisfaction in the development of the activity.
  • The accommodation is very basic due to the remote destinations that we will visit, we recommend having a good disposition.

Additional information

Things to bring:

  • Small backpack up to 10 or 15lts. For a day hike.
  • Comfortable clothes for fresh and dry weather. Including long sleeves and trousers. Up to 34 C°. (Preferable dry fit clothes or similar).
  • Windbreaker for the cool night in the desert.
  • Swimming suit.
  • Small towel.
  • Two pairs of shoes., (Hiking boots and some others)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Lipstick Protector.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Personal medicines.
  • Plastic bags for wet clothes or rubbish.

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