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  • Travel to a traditional coffee state located at an altitude of 1720 MAMSL; a temperate and damp climate ideal for growing coffee.
  • Wander the dense coffee crop and experience the process from the seed to your cup.
  • Learn about the traditions and lifestyle of the Colombian coffee growing population.
  • Complete experience tasting the result of the whole process. Judge for yourself the smooth yet outstanding quality of a freshly roasted and brewed coffee.
  • Enjoy a magnificent home made “ajiaco” cooked with the farm's very own seasoning.


"Private English tour to a Colombian coffee farm outside Bogotá. Learn about the production process of our famous local coffee and have a taste of it at the end."

When people think of Colombia, one of the first things that comes to mind is our coffee. We live in a country full of mountains, valleys, very rich soil and hard working people. All that together creates the perfect conditions for growing coffee. This has been a major development driver and a reason for pride for every Colombian. As a result, we are one of the main coffee producers and we grow the best soft Arabic coffee worldwide.

In our Bogotá coffee tour experience, we will travel an hour and a half from Bogotá going down the mountains to another state located 1720 meters above sea level. At this altitude, the cold weather of Bogotá changes into a temperate and damp climate, which are optimal conditions for growing coffee. This coffee state reminds us of the same architecture and traditions found at the Colombian coffee axis, and the organic plantation and production sites are still operating.

During our visit we will tour the orchid gardens, we will learn about temperate weather vegetation, and enter the heart of dense crop growth. There we will witness the way in which fruit trees contribute to the coffee´s aroma, we will collect coffee beans with our own hands, and see both traditional, and industrial processes from the seed to our cup. You will also come to understand more about the traditions and lifestyle of the coffee growers' population.

Once we finish, we will have a break and eat a magnificent homemade meal, cooked with the coffee farm's very own seasoning. After lunch, we will have the chance to taste a freshly roasted and brewed coffee, which is the result of the whole process you have experienced.


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  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Expert guide in the language of your preference
  • Entry tickets to attractions mentioned
  • Traditional lunch
  • Coffee tasting
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  • Unspecified food or beverage


Please advise in advance for vegetarian meal request.

Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

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