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  • Get ready for the best salsa night you’ll ever have.
  • Go out and party with two locals that will teach how to dance salsa like a pro.
  • Go club hopping throughout the capital to the best salsa places in town and party like locals do.
  • Get to know the hidden places that only locals know.


"Join us on the best Salsa tour in Bogota and dance the night away. Learn how to Salsa with our English speaking salsa experts and be guided through local favorites salsa nightclubs."

Salsa is an amazing genre with a lot of history and it’s incredibly fun and sexy to dance to. Learn how to dance it better with an instructor who is a fantastic salsa dancer. Go club hopping to different salsa clubs and enjoy a fantastic night out. Party like you’ve never partied before, let the rhythm take over you and become a salsa pro!

The salsa night starts at 8:00 pm with a hotel pick-up where you will meet your salsa sidekicks: a talented salsa dancing and English speaking couple that will guide you through the local salsa scene, teach you the moves and make you feel like a local.


The first stop of the night will be Cachao, a little piece of Cuban heaven inspired by the famous musician Israel Cachao López, their specialty is their Cuban inspired menu and their 17 unbelievable mojito combinations (at your own expense). Listen to some salsa music and get a bit acquainted, then start with your first salsa steps and get the night started with some joyfulness.


At 10:00 pm get ready to leave and go to the next club called Cuban Jazz Café. Following the rule of saving the best for last, with this place you’ll go back in time and step into one of the oldest salsa clubs in town. In 1944 Lucho Bermudez and his Gran Orquesta del Caribe inaugurated, in the same place in which the Cuban Jazz Café runs today, the prestigious Metropolitan Club. It was here where for the first time afro-Caribbean rhythms were danced and played in the capital. Today the Cuban Jazz focuses on live music, especially with Caribbean rhythms. Accompanied by a live orchestra, get ready to dance salsa and enjoy the fascinating rhythms.


Your night will end at midnight, and you’ll be taken back to your hotel so you can rest your feet, have a great night sleep and be ready for your next day! Cheers!

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  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Local English speaking instructor
  • Entry tickets
  • One round of mojitos


  • Unspecified food or beverage


 These three other clubs are also an option and the order of the clubs might change depending on the day and the club’s availability.


•    Galería Café Libro is more than a party experience; It's a place that favors the cultivation of various forms of art and culture for over 25 years. Born as a place where salsa and literature lovers came together. It is also gallery; paintings you see are for sale. Here they have Latin music in all genres: gaiteros, andina, juglares and porro.

•    El Bembé is the place to be if you want to be in the center of the salsa scene in the capital. Walk into a tropical paradise in the middle of the city, located in downtown of Bogotá. Accompanied by a live orchestra get ready to dance salsa like a pro and enjoy rhythms like salsa, wawanco, the charanga boogaloo, cha cha cha, Afro beats, soul and funk.

•    El Titicó Gril was made inspired by the Cali grills of 70's. Cali was the center of the salsa movement in Colombia and its golden age was the 70´s and 80´s. Get ready for some serious dancing well in this club you can listen to all different kind of rhythms like: the charanga, pachanga, the boogaloos, the shingaling, sones, danzón and guarachas to name a few. This club is hardly known by non-locals and part of the charm of the place is that it’s a meeting point for the best salsa dancers in town.

This tour is only available from Thursdays to Saturdays and only for people who are 18 and over (The legal drinking age in Colombia is 18).

Please read our cancellation policy.

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