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"Get to know Instrument Master Builder Nikolai Ceballos and learn about the instrument crafting process directly from an expert in a specialized instrument workshop."


  • Discover the musical instruments crafting process from an expert in a craft workshop specialized in brass, strings, and guitars.
  • Get involved in one part of the process and familiarize with materials and tools.
  • Learn about violin crafting history from a master luthier.

Nikolai Ceballos

Nikolai Ceballos started his studies in luthery with master Eusebio Suta at his personal workshop in 2006, where he began to build his first stringed instruments. He built approximately 30 instruments under the master's approval. After, he was hired by Batuta Foundation to restore and tune their instruments, under the teachings of master Jorge López with whom he started his process as floating-string instrument builder, and the construction of his violoncello and various violins that he ended empirically with some instructions from Victor Salvi Foundation's seminars. From 2013, he continued working as luthier at Bogotá and ended his formation process with Italian masters Claudio Arezio and Fabrizio Di Pietrantonio in 2015. From 2016 on, he became master of floating-strings at Centros de Lutería. 

Get to know Instrument Master Builder Nikolai Ceballos and learn about the musical instrument crafting process directly from an expert in a specialized instrument workshop. Discover how an instrument is made from scratch while learning how different types of woods and shapes define an instrument's sound, and what kind of tools and techniques are used in the process. 
You will start with a hotel pick-up to go to a beautiful English-styled house in Teusaquillo neighborhood, where you will appreciate finished violins, violas, cellos, and guitars. As soon as you enter, you will understand the value of a hand-crafted instrument through the history and tradition of luthiery. You will compare and comprehend the differences between a mass-produced musical instrument and one made by a luthier experiencing the sounds of both. After, you will be guided through the house and meet the areas dedicated to instrument repair and crafting. As you walk through the second floor, you will visit areas dedicated to brass, strings, and finally guitars on the third floor.  
Through a real expert's voice you will understand what a luthier does, and the details of their formation and expertise. You can ask as much as you want and go further into detail. As you get familiar with the workshop's areas for crafting, you will learn about the process and get involved in one part of it. Having contact with materials and tools, you will experience briefly what is to craft one of these musical instruments. 



  • Unspecified food or beverage.


You will not craft an entire instrument. This is a process that requires months and even years of work. 

Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

Our tours with transport include the time of the journeys within the duration.

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