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Tropical Abundance

"Take a cooking class in Bogota with an English-speaking chef and learn how to prepare delicious traditional food with exotic ingredients."


  • Visit the 7 de Agosto neighborhood, one of the most traditional commercial areas of the city.
  • Try exotic vegetables, seeds and fruits from the Colombian tropic at the 7 de Agosto Plaza Market.
  • Go to Rosales neighborhood where Comiendo Cuento project takes place, and learn about the possibilities of experimenting with the tropical abundance of Colombia.
  • Experience the Colombian cuisine: an unique fusion of ingredients, flavors and traditions
  • Learn about ingredients, preparation methods, conservation techniques and recipes thanks to the cuisine workshop offered by Diana Pizano, our colombian farm-to-table chef.

Diana Pizano

Diana Pizano is a biologist and farm-to-table chef, who is passionate about the Colombian agricultural heritage. Her project Comiendo Cuento is an initiative that returns to the traditional custom of enjoying good company and delicious home-cooked food at the same time.

Tropical Abundance is a journey through colors, textures, aromas, and flavors of the rich Colombian culinary culture. On this tour, you will experience the acquisition of ingredients at the marketplace, their kitchen preparation, up to the table where you will enjoy the most exotic and nutritious Colombian tropical plates. From the hand of a Colombian farm-to-table chef, you will select the ingredients and learn some typical recipes of  Colombian cuisine.

The journey begins at the 7 de Agosto Plaza Market. Here Diana Pizano, a biologist and farm-to-table chef, passionate about the Colombian agriculture heritage, will guide you in a visit through the plaza. You will taste different Colombian tropical fruits, vegetables, and seeds such as maize, rice, potatoes, cassava, cubios, mango, granadilla, mangosteen, feijoa, dragon fruit, passion fruit, chontaduro, papaya, guava, lulo, cape gooseberry and many more. You will also find various artifacts, flowers, plants, crafts and especially friendly merchants and farmers willing to help you select the freshest and healthy products for you to take to your second stop. 

Recommendations from Diana will help you to acquire the essential ingredients to bring the best of the farm to your table. After leaving the Plaza Market, you will go to Rosales, a northern neighborhood, where you will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the eastern hills of Bogota. There, you will see Diana's place, where the Comiendo Cuento project currently takes place. An initiative that goes back to the tradition of enjoying good company and delicious home-cooked food at the same time.
You will finish the tour doing a cuisine workshop and tasting, where you will learn a traditional Colombian recipe of your choice. You can choose among different menu options with native ingredients including entrées like soups, rice, and meat, to a variety of bread, desserts, and tropical drinks. You will learn about preparation, conservation techniques, ingredients, and recipes while having a pleasant moment eating a delicious plate that exhibits Colombian tropical abundance.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off.
  • Transport between various tour sites.
  • Food and exotic fruit tasting at the local market.
  • English speaking guide/chef.
  • Colombian cuisine workshop at the chef's apartment.
  • Lunch and soft drinks.
  • Impulse Insurance
  • Optional: This experience is valid for our IMPULSE Welcome Package Promotion


  • Unspecified food or beverage.


Let us know if there’s any food you’re allergic to. Comfortable casual wear is recommended.
Depending on bookings you might be in a small group up to 6 people or by yourself.

Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

Our tours with transport include the time of the journeys within the duration.

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