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Colombian Music 101

"Learn about Colombian music in an experience with a musician and expert in traditional Colombian rhythms. Explore the local culture through music on this tour!"


  • Have a close and personal experience to learn about Colombian music.
  • Be guided through Colombian rich musical heritage as Pedro, the expert musician, plays a selection of songs of multiple Colombian genres.
  • Use musical instruments to comprehend the culture behind Colombian music.
  • This is a HEART experience (more in important information)

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Colombian music in a nutshell

Pedro Crump

Pedro Crump is a composer and pianist from Bogota. Interested in music from an early age he began to focus on the piano. He studied fine arts and music in Boston at Curry College, Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory. During his student years in the USA he developed a great interest for the roots and history of Colombian music. In 1993 he lived in Paris fore some years working with Radio Latina (a Latin radio station). Then he became the manager of Yuri Buenaventura (famous Colombian salsa singer). When Crump returned to Colombia he studied afro-colombian drums and started composing and producing music creating a fusion of jazz and native local rhythms. He has released 3 albums: El Silencio del Agua 2006; Dorado

2010; Tierra 2016. His music can be heard on Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, Youtube, etc.

This experience is a real treat for music lovers. Colombia is one of the richest countries in Latin America in terms of musical rhythms, having a tremendous musical diversity comparable to Brazil or Cuba. On this tour, Pedro Crump will open you the doors to his house and his studio to have the marvelous opportunity to experience and learn about Colombian music. Pedro will guide you through Colombian rich musical heritage as he plays a selection of songs of multiple genres and uses the piano and drums as a didactic tool for a more comprehensive approach to Colombian music.



Although schedules are flexible, we advise booking this tour at 5 PM.

How this tour creates an impact

Pedro Crump is a composer and pianist from Bogotá that has been interested in music from an early age and studied fine arts and music in Boston at Curry College, Berklee. He has opened the doors of his house to share the story of Colombia through his knowledge of music. On this tour, we give music the power to be the storyteller and to connect travelers that may not share the same language or background, but know that music easily breaks any kind of barrier.

This tour is part of our HEART experiences.

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