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Bazurto Market

"Lift the hood on local life in Cartagena with a tour of Mercado de Bazurto. Discover food, artwork, music, and even magic potions hidden in the narrow lanes."


  • Immerse into a market that goes beyond fruits & vegetables.
  • Try Colombian fruits and traditional recipes prepared with fresh ingredients.
  • Learn about the rich culture that inhabits the market through Music and Artwork.
  • Visit key places in the plaza and meet notable people that work at the place.
  • This is a HEART experience (more in important information)

Cartagena has much more to offer besides San Felipe Castle, Rosario Islands, and Torre del Reloj. Bazurto Market is definitively one of Cartagena’s hidden gems; not a very common touristic destination, and much more than a common fruit & vegetable Colombian Market. This place has everything you could ever need; from vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, clothing, and even an Art market. This tour is for adventurous souls that want to take a peek into the lives of the real inhabitants of Cartagena.

Upon your arrival, you will notice an enormous economy that grows close to the market, in this way boundaries are not clear because Bazurto goes beyond the limits of a normal farmers' market. Accordingly, your first stop will not be for legumes but at a Pikó Builder's place. A Pikó is the Sound System of a music genre called Champeta, that transforms African 70's Highlife music into the contemporary Caribbean party music. At this stop, you will enjoy a beer while you learn about Champeta and its four different subgenres straight from an expert who will give you a proper introduction with his Pikó and his enormous CD collection. After choosing your favorite subgenre and CD souvenir, you will move on to try local fruits and juices. Some will be totally unknown for you so you will be served a small bite of each fruit to try and a juice made out of your preferred one. 

Continuing through commercial passages you will see clothes, backpacks, and pretty much anything you can imagine. You will stop at a Calligraphy/Lettering workshop where you will meet "El Runner" a local graphic artist and expert recognized for making Champeta concert flyers, business signs, and pretty much anything related to letters and vibrant colors. He will show you how he makes his letters while he makes a custom sign for the group. You will then move on to stop at a Herbsman's stand where you will get to see a wide range of magical potions used for any problem or desire. You will learn about and see some interesting examples before choosing one to try yourself!  Finally, you will have your lunch at the plaza and will try some of the local tasty recipes served. 


  • Spanish, German or English speaking tour guide (other languages available depending on demand).
  • Transfer: City Centre – Bazurto Market - Centre (Taxi)
  • Guided tour at the market
  • Souvenirs
  • Lunch
  • Fruits and Juice
  • Impulse Insurance
  • Optional: This experience is valid for our IMPULSE Welcome Package Promotion


  • Unspecified food or beverage
  • Travel or accident insurance.
  • Personal expenses or tips.


How this tour creates an impact

By visiting Bazurto, you support cultural guardians like local artists, vendors, and those involved in the Champeta music scene. You’ll have the opportunity to buy CDs from a Champeta music collector and a custom sign from Cartagena’s premier gig flyer artist. If you experience Bazurto with us, you will experience a different marketplace that offers culture and artistic practices as well as its diverse gastronomy. 

This tour is part of our HEART experiences.


Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

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