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Fishing With Locals

"Go fishing in Cartagena to learn some methods used by the locals of the Cienaga de Juan Polo and the Cienaga de la Virgen."


  • Arrive at La Boquilla where canoes and fishers await to go to the Cienaga de Juan Polo and the Cienaga de la Virgen lagoons.
  • Hear amazing fishing stories directly from the local fishers while on the boat.
  • Learn three different fishing techniques: using a fishing line, nets and traps.

Do you love fishing? Or perhaps you always wanted to learn? Or maybe you’re interested in meeting some amazing people while relaxing in a canoe, waiting for that perfect catch?

The tour takes place in La Boquilla; where you’ll find mainly Afro-Colombian fisher families. This area represents a big contrast with the heart of Cartagena, but that is precisely what makes this excursion so exciting and appealing to adventurous souls.

At La Boquilla there are two big lagoons: the Cienaga de Juan Polo and the Cienaga de la Virgen. Here, you can find all sorts of fish, ideal for a fishing trip to catch Sea Bass (Robalo), Shad (Sabalo), common two-banded sea bream (Mojarra), Ocean-Bass (Pargo negro), Mullet (Lebranche), mainly bream and perch species, as well as snails, clams, shrimps and crawfish. People from La Boquilla will teach you to catch a fish in three different ways: line fishing, netting, and trapping.
When you arrive at La Boquilla, canoes and fishers will be waiting for you to head to the lagoons. On the boats, accompanied by a multilingual guide, you will be able to communicate with the local fishermen and hear some of their amazing stories. You’ll be fishing there for about two hours where the fishermen will teach you different fishing methods. They’ll show you how to use a fishing line, how to throw the fishing net, and how to set up traps to catch crawfish. And, just if you were wondering, you can get the fish that you catch. After the trip, a cold coconut drink will be offered to you in La Boquilla beach, and if you want, you can prepare the fish you caught at a restaurant, under the instruction of a local cook (at an additional charge).


  • Transportation from and to your hotel.
  • Local guide
  • Cold coconut refreshment.
  • Fishing gear: decoy, net, trap for crawfish, fishing line.
  • Introduction to the world of fishing by a local fisher.
  • Canoe tour with the fishers.
  • Impulse Insurance
  • Optional: This experience is valid for our IMPULSE Welcome Package Promotion


  • Unspecified food or beverage.
  • Translator ( Available in English and French as an add-on at check-out)


Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

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