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1. General questions


What is the best time to travel to Colombia?

It is possible to travel to the country all year round since there are no seasons. But if you want to escape crowds, it is better to avoid peak season months, like January, June, July, November and December. And for Caño Cristales, one of the most popular places in the country, the best season to visit is from June to November.

What clothes should I bring?

It depends on the city you're going to, because there have a variety of climates and weather conditions, so do some research beforehand. If you're visiting the coast, summer clothes and beachwear is a must. For the capital, Bogotá, quite often it's cloudy and chilly, so you should have warmer clothes and a rain jacket. For Medellín, "the City of Eternal Spring", light clothes and dresses are great for its amazing weather. And if you're visiting the south, like the Amazon jungle, be prepared for humidity and mosquitoes, so please bring long-sleeve shirts and long trousers. You can read our blog post on this topic for further information.


Which vaccinations do I need?

Due to Colombia's location in the tropical region, you might need the Yellow Fever Vaccination, especially if you're going to visit a national park or the Amazon jungle. For this, it is VERY IMPORTANT to determine if you need one, depending on the places you will go and the country/countries you're were visiting before. Make sure to consult with your family doctor about the vaccinations that might be necessary or useful. Please keep in mind that IMPULSE Travel cannot give any kind of medical recommendations.


Is Colombia safe?

The country has come a long way, regarding security. Since the signing of the historic peace deal, the security situation has improved a lot. A lot of places that before were no-go areas are now frequented with international tourists. In big cities, like Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena and Cali you have to be careful and use common sense, as you would in any other big city in the world. For more information on how to stay safe during your trip, please consult this short guide.


What is the distance between the main cities?

One of the most common mistakes some travelers make is assuming that distances between cities, like Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena, are short. Please take a look at a map service (e.g. Google Maps or Bing Maps) to get an idea of the distances and do the proper planning before scheduling your trip.


What is Colombia’s currency and where can I exchange USD for pesos?

Colombia’s official currency is the Colombian Peso (COP). One USD is around 3,000 COP but you should consult the current exchange rate to be sure. If you bring cash on your trip and are looking to exchange USD, Euro, or any other major currency for pesos you can do so in designated exchange offices called “casa de cambio”. It’s advisable to not exchange money at the airport (or only exchange what you need for the cab to your hotel) as exchange rates are usually less favorable due to high demand.


Can you drive in Colombia with a US license/ foreign license?

The regular tourist visa in Colombia is for 3 months and can be extended to 6 months. During this time, you can drive in Colombia showing your foreign driving license and tourist visa (stamp in your passport).


2. Questions about tours


Where is the pickup place for my tour?

We'll pick you up at the lobby of your hotel at the time the voucher shows. If you are in an apartment, we'll pick you up at the main entrance of the building (please provide us with the name of the building and apartment number, just in case if we need to contact you).

At what time will our guide pick us up?

Every tour starts at a different time. The pickup time is written on the voucher, thus please read this information carefully.

Can I/we visit a place that is not included in the tour I/we booked?

Sure! The tours are organized with different sights, however, if you want to change something during your itinerary, just ask the guide about it and he/she will make the modifications. It is important to know that these changes will be made only if we don't have to modify the original route.

Are the tours only in Spanish?

Generally, the tours are in English or Spanish. Upon request, you can book a tour in French, German or Portuguese. Feel free to contact us and ask for the language of your preference.

Do the tours include an English Speaking driver?

No, all the drivers are Spanish speakers.

Why do I have to send you my/our Passport details?

Travel insurance is included on all our tours. To finalize your booking, and ensure your safety, we are required to arrange Colombian insurance for your visit (even if you have insurance in your country). We only require your first and last name, country and your passport number to finalize this process.

What is the difference between the Bogota City Tour of 5 hours and 8 hours?

The main difference is that with the 8-hour tour you will have a Traditional Colombian Lunch and you'll visit the Usaquen neighborhood. Of course, the time that the driver and guide will spend with you on this tour will be more than 5 hours!

If your question was not answered on this page, feel free to contact us through the form below. We'll be happy to help!