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Unión Latina: Dance, Feel, Dream

"Visit the academy that transformed Manrique neighborhood through dance and art. Here, more than 200 youngsters learned dancing to all kinds of rhythms. Get inspired by them, and learn some new steps!"


  • Visit the Manrique neighborhood, a sector known for its stories of resilience, social transformation and artistic environment!
  • Get surprised by a group of dancers that will make a very special choreography just for you in the middle of the streets!
  • Get to know the founder and teacher of Unión Latina Dance Academy, who will introduce you to the academy and the dance group!
  • Get delighted with a sample of their art and learn the basic steps of a salsa, tango, or urban rhythms routine from the experts!
  • Visit the UVA La Armonía, (Articulated Life Unit) a renovated urban space to enjoy an outdoor place for cultural and musical activities!

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the Manrique neighborhood, located in the Comuna three of Medellín, a popular sector known for its stories of resilience, social transformation ,and tradition around dance, as a form of expression and liberation.

If you are lucky, a group of dancers will surprise you with a very special choreography in the middle of the streets of the neighborhood. The music, dance, and the smiles and hugs of the artists will not only surprise you but also the people of the neighborhood who will lean out the windows to enjoy the show.

This is just the preamble to introduce you to the artistic project Unión Latina, which you will meet directly from its founder, a dancer, and teacher who will receive you at the Academy, to show you the place where daily children and young people from the neighborhood learn and practice dances like salsa, tango, and urban rhythms. 

At the academy, you will hear the impressive and inspiring story of the director of Unión Latina, and you will learn how a personal experience became a project that has impacted more than 1,500 people, who have prevented and reduced the bonding of children and youth to the armed conflict by offering them dance classes, giving them also opportunities for personal growth, participation in international events and financial and emotional support.

You will enjoy a short documentary to learn more about Unión Latina while you share a snack with some dancers from the academy, who will then delight you with a small sample of their art and invite you to learn the basic steps of a  simple traditional dance routine, so you can dare to move and practice along with these expert dancers!

Finally, you will walk a few blocks to get to the UVA (Articulated Life Units) La Armonía, a renovated urban space, where the community of the neighborhood enjoys outdoor cultural activities, events, water fountains, children's and musical games in a green area. From there, the guide will take you back to the hotel.



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