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Exploring the legendary Comuna 13 with local guides

Date Sep 17, 2019

Having volunteered in Comuna 13 for three months, I rode the barrio’s escalators to the community center every Sunday and grew accustomed to the vibrant graffiti and constant flow of tourists.

Coffee-Hopping in Laureles

Date Mar 14, 2019

"The department of Antioquia, which lies in the immediate vicinity of the coffee zone, has developed over time into a coffee metropolis. For our Coffeeshop-Hopping in Medellin we considered only the best coffee houses in town. Read about the history of coffee and the tour content on Chasing Travel's blog post..."

Medellin’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood Revitalized Through Art

Date Jan 20, 2019

"Until recently, not even the locals would ever dream of venturing into the treacherous, winding streets of areas like Comuna 13 — but now, what was once Medellin’s most dangerous neighborhood is getting a second chance at revitalization..."

A look into the Colombian communities who are replacing coca for coffee

Date Jan 14, 2019

"It’s no secret that Colombia is home to some of the best coffee beans in the world. We see it imprinted on the various coffee bags in our grocery stores. We hear about it in movies and we read about it in books. Naturally, one would expect..."

A First-Timer’s Guide to Bogota: 7 Things You Can’t Miss

Date Dec 27, 2018

"A Bogota city tour is a great way to find your bearings in Colombia’s capital. Here’s what to expect from a guided Bogota City Tour with Impulse Travel—plus the seven Bogota sights I think every first-time visitor should take the time to see..."

How former gang members are rebuilding Bogota’s most violent neighborhood

Date Dec 14, 2018

"In the heart of Bogota, the country’s capital and the center of years of unrest, a Colombian university is working to change what was once the city’s most violent neighborhood for the better..."

Top 5 Experiences You Must Try in Colombia

Date Dec 08, 2018

"Colombia – a place many of us have heard of, yet few have explored. It’s a country at a pivotal moment in time; politically, socially, and historically speaking. And you’ll feel it from the very moments you enter. As you step into the colorful world of..."

Sightseeing mit einem kolumbianischen Bandenchef

Date Oct 23, 2018

"Jaime Roncancio blickt aus dem Fenster seines behelfsmäßig zusammengeschusterten Hauses, das auf einem Berghang über den Dächern der kolumbianischen Hauptstadt Bogotá thront. Sein siebenjähriger Sohn sitzt..."

Gastronomic Railroads: Private Day Tour from Medellin Colombia

Date Oct 16, 2018

"We’re currently enjoying our second visit to Medellin for the month. We recently had the opportunity to dive into Colombia’s traditional food and culture with Impulse Travel. For anyone looking for..."

Bogota Gold Museum Tour

Date Aug 21, 2018

"At the top of the list of places to see when you visit Bogota, Colombia’s capital city is the Museo del Oro – Bogota Gold Museum. Maybe gold doesn’t appeal to you that much and maybe museums are only ‘meh’ for you. Even so, you need..."

From Ex-Gang Members to Tour Guides: Breaking Borders in Barrio Egipto, Bogotá, Colombia

Date Mar 04, 2017

"Breaking Borders Tour is unlike any other tour in Colombia. Run by a group of ex-gang members in Egipto neighbourhood of Bogota..."

Lost City Trek Colombia: Video, Photos and What to Expect

Date Jun 16, 2016

"The Lost City Trek Colombia is an incredible journey that takes you through diverse, ever-changing landscapes and scenery. The trip allows you to connect with the indigenous people as you get..."

A Walk Through The Underground Salt Cathedral Bogota – in Zipaquirá

Date Jan 25, 2016

"We take you for a walk through the underground Salt Cathedral Bogota outside of the big city in a small town called Zipaquirá. This area of the country is rich in salt mines active since the 5th century B.C., and..."