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We know what it is like to travel to a new country.

You gather recommendations from friends, You take notes of places you’ve heard of or seen on social media. The fact is that you have limited time, you want to live an incredible experience, and you want to make every day of your trip count. 

The good news is that you can rely on our 10 years of experience traveling Colombia to make your dream trip come true without missing the good stuff. With our Vacation Planning service and its 4 simple steps we will give you the most accurate hotels, experiences and transportation for an optimal trip.

  • 1. Fill Our Vacation Planning Form

  • 2. Receive a draft of your trip with cost estimate

  • 3. Design your travel itinerary with our travel consultant

  • 4. Confirm your trip, pack your bag, and we’ll take care of the rest.


1. Fill out the vacation planning form: It will take you between 5 and 10 minutes, allowing us to get to know your travel plans, style, and preferences in a comprehensive manner. Doing this from the beginning saves you valuable time moving forward.

2. Receive a draft of your trip: Within the next 7 days (at the latest), one of our travel consultants will review your form and send you a draft itinerary. The draft includes the optimal route of the places you want to visit and ideas of must-see things to do and where to stay at each destination.

3. Design your travel itinerary with our travel consultant and receive an estimated cost: If the draft looks good and you don’t want to make changes, we are ready to start planning the details and provide you an estimated cost for the trip. We will send up to 4 versions of a detailed itinerary. Each reviewed itinerary will be sent within 4 working days after we receive your feedback (The itinerary prices are valid for one week after sending it).

4. Confirm your trip, pack your bag and we will take care of the rest: That simple. Once we have the final itinerary, we will ask you for a deposit so we can go ahead and make all the bookings and arrangements.  The deposit and payment may vary according to the itinerary, but in any case, be ready to make a deposit of 50% to confirm your trip.

BONUS: Every Vacation Planning Service includes a Welcome Package!