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Our Vacation Planning offer at a glance

  • We know what it’s like to travel to a new country

  • Work with passionate fellow travelers that understand your desires, needs and concerns.

  • Make the most out of your time

  • You want to see a lot but have limited time? No problem, we know Colombia well and can tell you which experiences are the best for you and fit them into your schedule.

  • Lay back and enjoy

  • Vacations are about relaxing and enjoying. Cut out the stressful part and let us take care of organizing everything from flights to hotels, transfers and experience.

  • We are experts on traveling in Colombia

  • With more than 10 years of experience, you’ll be provided with expert knowledge on Colombia.

  • Choose from over 150 unique experiences

  • Our tours are original, fun and informative. Dive deep into the culture with authentic encounters and unforgettable adventures.

  • Get a Welcome Package

  • Start off your trip with a fine selection of Colombian products & little gifts.

Make your dream trip come true with 4 simple steps

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    Fill Our Vacation Planning Form

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    Receive a draft of your trip with cost estimate

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    Design your travel itinerary with our travel consultant

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    Confirm your trip, pack your bag, and we’ll take care of the rest.

1. Fill out the vacation planning form: It will take you between 5 and 10 minutes, allowing us to get to know your travel plans, style, and preferences in a comprehensive manner. Doing this from the beginning saves you valuable time moving forward.

2. Receive a draft of your trip: Within the next 7 days (at the latest), one of our travel consultants will review your form and send you a draft itinerary. The draft includes the optimal route of the places you want to visit and ideas of must-see things to do and where to stay at each destination.

3. Design your travel itinerary with our travel consultant and receive an estimated cost: If the draft looks good and you don’t want to make changes, we are ready to start planning the details and provide you an estimated cost for the trip. We will send up to 4 versions of a detailed itinerary. Each reviewed itinerary will be sent within 4 working days after we receive your feedback (The itinerary prices are valid for one week after sending it).

4. Confirm your trip, pack your bag and we will take care of the rest: That simple. Once we have the final itinerary, we will ask you for a deposit so we can go ahead and make all the bookings and arrangements.  The deposit and payment may vary according to the itinerary, but in any case, be ready to make a deposit of 50% to confirm your trip.

BONUS: Every Vacation Planning Service includes a Welcome Package!


Meet Reneé, she traveled 3 weeks through Colombia with our Personalized Vacation schedule!

Places visited: La Chorrera, Zipaquirá, Bogotá, Chicaque National Park,
Lost City, Playa Cristal, Medellín

Daily Budget: 100 USD

“As I scoured the internet for the top-rated adventures, the same company
name appeared: Impulse Travel.”

“They handled all the details, from hotel reservations to excursions to
airline flights.”

“There were a few occasions where I decided to make a schedule
change while I was in Colombia. It did not matter if it was a weekend or
not, someone at Impulse Travel was always available to take my call and
handle the issue.”

"Thanks to Impulse travel, I had the most amazing, fabulous and spectacular
holiday in Colombia!"

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