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What We Do

We create, operate, and promote tours that let travelers experience the country from a local and authentic perspective through connecting them with our people.

We are a team of creators, connectors, and storytellers on a constant journey to discover the stories that our country has to tell you. In developing our experiences, we strive to make them amazing for travelers and locals alike, giving back to the communities visited.

How we do this

Our business revolves around people: travelers, locals and the team that brings them together. This is how we offer inspiring and memorable experiences:


Our team of creators works closely with local communities, tour operators, and purpose-driven projects to help them tell their stories to travelers. This way, tourism can be a powerful ally for those communities to grow and transform the lives of their people for the better.



Our guides connect travelers with the experiences we offer. They tell the stories of our country in a profound yet straightforward manner. IMPULSE guides are supported by an ambitious operations team that works behind the scenes to make sure every tour turns out flawless.


Our storytellers convey our message to the world. They spread the stories and narratives of our experiences across a multitude of channels to make sure everyone hears about them and gets the IMPULSE to explore them first hand.

Why we do this

We believe that travel has the power to transform lives. Our experiences facilitate meaningful interactions between travelers and locals to foster empathy. Travelers become inspired, locals empowered and their projects find a unique economic support that is key for them to thrive.



Going rafting with ex-FARC members through an initiative to reconnect them with society.


Visiting a former no-go neighborhood with ex-gang members that became tour guides.

Meeting inspiring community projects to understand Colombia's peace process right in the heart of the capital city.

Tasting your way through Bogotá and meeting the people who preserve local culture through grandma’s best recipes.

What we have achieved so far

12 communities


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