3 day trip to San Agustin - World Archeological Site

San Agustín

3 days, 2 nights

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Immerse yourself in the cultural and natural wealth of San Agustín with a 3-day tour. Discover majestic pre-Hispanic sculptures in archaeological parks, enjoy an exciting horseback ride, and feel the adrenaline of rafting on the Magdalena River. Perfect for adventure and history lovers. Includes expert guide, site entries, and comfortable transport.



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San Agustín is Colombia's most recognized archaeological destination. The mysterious indigenous group that built hundreds of giant stone sculptures in this area vanished before the Spanish conquerors arrived, leaving many unanswered questions for contemporary archaeology. Additionally, San Agustín is in the Colombian Massif Area, known for its impressive water resources and stunning mountainous landscapes. Discover this magical place in southwestern Colombia on this memorable 3-day adventure.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Visit to the Magdalena River Strait and Banana Fiber Weaving Experience (4hrs)

02:00 p.m. Enjoy the iconic Magdalena River Strait, where our nation's river narrows to 2.20 meters wide amidst a stunning canyon between the Eastern and Central mountain ranges. Located near San Agustín, this point is a breathtaking natural spectacle. The Magdalena River, vital to Colombia, flows for 1,528 km, connecting the country from south to the Caribbean. At the strait, you can walk along trails, observe biodiversity, and admire the river's strength as it passes through the mountains. A must-visit for nature and history lovers.

03:15 p.m. Experience banana fiber weaving with the Rengifo Becerra Family, who share this unique Colombian craft legacy. They weave hats, bags, chairs, and rugs using fibers extracted from the banana stem, utilizing material that would otherwise be considered waste. If interested, you can participate in some activities of this beautiful artisanal process. During your visit, you will explore the process perfected over the years by Clelia and her husband, Onias Becerra. Onias manually extracted the fibers using bamboo or a blade, followed by cleaning the fibers with water and soap to remove impurities. The most labor-intensive part of the process was combing the fibers until all cellulose was removed, producing high-quality threads. To protect the fibers from insect damage, they treated them with chili pepper. Clelia's dedication and experimentation led her to receive the Artisanal Mastery Medal in 1985.

Your tour begins with a visit to the workshop where you will meet Litsbina and her family. You will learn about the intricate steps of fiber extraction and preparation, witnessing firsthand how these fibers are transformed into soft, resilient, and versatile materials. You will also see how the team combines banana fibers with cotton, silk, and copper threads to create delicate fabrics. The natural dyeing process using walnut, coffee grounds, achiote, indigo, and avocado seeds will also be demonstrated.

Next, you will have the opportunity to participate in the weaving process. Under the guidance of Litsbina and other skilled artisans, you will weave your own small item, gaining a deeper appreciation for this meticulous craft. The tour will then take you to see the extensive collection of woven products, including rugs, tablecloths, bags, and vests, showcasing the remarkable versatility of banana fibers.

Day 2: Guided Visit to the San Agustín Archaeological Park (4hrs) and Rafting on the Magdalena River (4hrs) or Horseback Riding around San Agustín (3hrs)

08:00 a.m. Half-day tour of the main park of San Agustín. Along a circular trail of over 1.2 miles, you will be guided through the forest to four concentrations of monumental stone statues and tombs left by an unknown culture that flourished and vanished in the Upper Magdalena Valley between the 6th century BC and the 14th century AD.

Join Impulse Travel on a captivating half-day exploration of the San Agustín Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with ancient secrets. Nestled amidst the lush Colombian highlands, this park boasts the largest collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in all of South America! Explore the park's archaeological wonders, including Mesitas A, B, and C, where intricate stone structures whisper tales of ancient rituals and ceremonies. Marvel at the Fuente de Lavapatas, an impressive series of carved stone pools believed to be used for ceremonial bathing, and ascend to Alto de Lavapatas for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

02:00 p.m.Choose between activity A) or B)

A) Rafting on the Magdalena River: For adrenaline lovers, this activity is perfect: navigating the Magdalena River in the majestic canyon of the Colombian Massif. In an exciting 3-hour journey, you will experience class 3 and 4 rapids, ideal for those seeking a thrilling adventure. No previous experience is required, as the professional team will guide you at all times.

Rafting on the Magdalena River offers a unique perspective of this iconic Colombian river, which flows through impressive and biodiverse landscapes. Starting with a brief orientation, you will be equipped with a helmet, wetsuit, and life jacket, ensuring your safety throughout the journey. The tour includes transportation in comfortable vans from your hotel to the embarkation point.

B) Horseback Riding to La Chaquira and El Tablón: Enjoy a 3-hour horseback ride around San Agustín, exploring natural and archaeological sites. Visit El Tablón, home to five sculptures and an ethnographic museum, and La Chaquira, where you will be amazed by the stunning beauty of the Colombian Massif landscape at the Magdalena River canyon viewpoint. The tour includes a helmet, insurance, a Spanish-speaking guide, and entry fees. Departure and return from the hotel on horseback.

Day 3: Archaeological Parks of Isnos and Mortiño Waterfall (4.5hr)

08:00 a.m. Discover the southern tourist ring, a unique experience that will take you to explore two impressive archaeological and natural attractions in the municipalities of San Agustín and Isnos. This tour will immerse you in the rich history and stunning beauty of this Colombian region, full of culture and unforgettable landscapes.

You will start your tour through roads surrounded by sugarcane and coffee plantations, enjoying the view of the green landscapes until you reach the **Alto de los Ídolos Archaeological Park**. This site, declared a World Heritage Site, is an enigmatic place where majestic pre-Hispanic sculptures are found amidst the mountains of the Central Andes. Each figure tells a story, revealing the mystery and spirituality of ancient cultures. The next destination is the **Alto de las Piedras Archaeological Park**, home to "El Doble Yo," the most representative sculpture of this ancestral legacy. This impressive monument will make you reflect on the duality and beliefs of the ancient inhabitants of the region.

To culminate this tour, you will visit the spectacular **Mortiño Waterfall**. From its famous Glass Bridge, you can admire the imposing waterfall and the majestic landscape of the canyon. It is the perfect end to a day full of discoveries and natural wonders.

After this unforgettable experience, you will return to the picturesque town of San Agustín, where you will have the afternoon free to continue exploring. San Agustín offers a variety of additional activities to complement your day. You can enjoy coffee tastings and experiences, exploring local farms to learn about coffee cultivation and taste some of the best varieties in the region. If you prefer contact with nature, you can embark on hikes to natural sites such as the **Tres Chorros**, impressive waterfalls where you can enjoy the jungle surroundings and refresh yourself in their waters.

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