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GET WILD - The Colombian Adventure Guide

Being an immensely biodiverse nation, Colombia is packed full of landscapes perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. In this week’s blog, we have constructed the perfect guide to seeing all of Colombia’s adventure activities destined to give you that adrenalin rush.

Mountain Biking

The mountainous regions of Colombia’s center make the perfect place for a spot of mountain biking. You can try it alone if you’re familiar with the area itself and sufficiently experienced at biking in such regions. Bikes are easy to come by and rentals can be found fairly easily if it is a known biking spot. 

If you want a little assistance and a local perspective on this thrilling sightseeing activity, you can join our Bogotá mountain biking tour for a taste of some assisted adventure. Enjoy the experience safely in the hills of Bogotá, as you pass through a whole range of ecosystems and get a first-hand glance at the nature surrounding our capital city. 

Rafting in San Vicente del Caguán

There are various different opportunities for rafting throughout Colombia with a wide variety of stunning river rapids cutting through all areas of the country.  However, one region is the ideal location to take part in this thrilling activity. The Pato River in San Vicente del Caguán, a region with rolling mountains engulfed in lush greenery. Needless to say that a trip through the rapids will leave you in complete awe, of the untouched beauty of this remote region. 

Here you can marry your rafting experience with the support of a local community, who are working hard to transform the face of their region. Comprised of former Guerrilla members and communities affected by the times of armed conflict, these individuals have radically altered the direction and future of their lives by developing a successful rafting organization, which recently hosted the National Rafting Championships of Colombia. The group now provides multi-day travel experiences in which you can discover more about their history, as well as gain first-hand insight into the wonder of the region itself.  Find out how you can take part in this immersive and adventurous travel experience over on the tour landing page. 


Up in the nation’s north, there lies the Don Diego River, which allows for tourists to embark on a day of tubing along the river through the Sierra Nevada region. Embarking first on a trek through the expanse of the Sierra Nevada, you’ll reach a lookout perched up above the surrounding green-painted valleys. Weave your way down to the Tayronaka ruins and enrich your knowledge of the ancient Tayrona culture. 

To finish the trip off you’ll mount a couple of large inflatable tubes and wind your way down the river. The sheer abundance of unique flora and fauna living in the surrounding forest turns the adventure activity into a sightseeing tour. See how many varieties of animals you can spot along the way! 

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The Caribbean Coast offers a plethora of opportunities for taking part in some thrilling aqua sports. Dive deep into the waters surrounding Tayrona national park and marvel at the marine biodiversity hiding beneath the surface. This experience is extremely easy, with the company of a knowledgeable guide to help ensure your experience is worry-free, even for first-timers. 

Another popular spot is the Rosario Islands, renowned additionally for their stunning marine national park, swarming with unique fishy creatures for you to swim amongst and explore. The Islands themselves are accessible by speedboat, yet they can offer a splash of tranquility in your adventurous travels. 


Gliding like a falcon over the various canyons and valleys scattered throughout the mountainous regions of Colombia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Both Medellín and Bogotá offer this experience in the outskirts of the cities, to enjoy the surrounding landscapes and see the rolling plains beneath your feet.   

Bungy Jumping

Diving off a platform soaring above the ground, first stop inches from the ground; second stop: flying back up through the air on suspension cord. Sounds like a blast. There are many bungy jumping spots around the country, especially in the more tourist areas. Some of our favorites are...


Are these activities not thrilling enough for you? Want to mix the soaring feeling of paragliding with the free-fall thrill of the bungy? Well look no further than a good old fashioned session of skydiving. Take the leap of faith out of the plane, soaring above Bogotá’s Andean landscape, and get a whole new perspective. With our Bogotá experience, you’ll see the capital from an entirely new, thrilling viewpoint. 

Rock Climbing

Suesca is Colombia’s prime rock-climbing hot spot, being lined with jiggered cliff faces eager to be scaled. The town itself is fairly small and thus provides a remote location, perfect for getting out and in touch (literally) with the natural wonders of Colombia’s ecosystem. Find out more ideas for great day trips out in nature in our blog on the Top 8 Day Trips from Bogotá. 


Tobia is the smaller capital of adventure out in nature, and just a mere two hours trip out from Bogotá. Find out more about how to take on three different extreme sports in one action-packed Bogotá day trip over here. First, you’ll get a little wet, rafting 6km down the Río Negro, before visiting a waterfall where you’ll rappel down a slippery cliff face into the rushing waters below. To finish off the day you can soar through the canopy on a 500m zip line that will surely give you the hit of adrenaline you’re looking for. There is also a myriad of other activities possible to do on your trip to Tobia, from cascading to extreme hiking, the region has it all. 

Horse Back Riding

There are multiple opportunities for a day of horseback trotting through one of our idyllic landscapes. You can trot through a plethora of different terrains, be it pristine beaches, sprawling forests or rocky mountains. 

One such possibility is a day trip of Horseback riding just outside Bogotá through the unique ecosystem of the Andean plains. Under the guidance of a Colombian Cowboy, you will ride trained Creole Colombian horses through the climactically diverse surrounds, venturing all the way to the top of one the most awe-inspiring lookouts, where you can even see the bustling city of Bogotá from a tranquil distance. The trip is of course accompanied by a delicious authentic meal, which is a necessity after any adventure activity. 


The mountainous regions of the Andes and the stretching coasts cutting around the nation’s edge mean that Colombia is home to a myriad of breathtaking hiking trails, both from beauty and exhaustion.

Starting with La Chorrera, an easy trek to Colombia’s highest waterfall just outside of Bogotá. Those with more experience and stamina can take on El Cocuy, which at a staggering altitude, is not for the faint-hearted. El Cocuy offers insight into a completely different landscape that is unique from all others in the nation. The variance in weather and immense biodiversity of the location makes the effort worth the while. 

The infamous trek to the Lost City of Tayrona, located in the north of the country, is a popular favorite with tourists from all over the world. Exploring 

For a more detailed rundown of Colombia’s best hiking trails, head over here. 

Santander and San Gil

A guide to Colombia’s adventurous activities wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the nation’s adventure capital San Gil and its department, Santander. Santander offers everything your heart could desire in terms of adventure sports. The main base of San Gil is considered as the adventure capital and you can find a myriad of opportunities for some cheaper thrills in the surrounding areas. Whether it be bungy jumping over a river, exploring the depths of subterranean caves, extreme white water rafting, or even paragliding over the stunning canyon of Chicamocha, the region has you covered! 

Now you’re well equipped to take on the adventure activities all over Colombia. For help with organizing your Colombian trip and all the adventure activities, you desire, get in touch with our team who will get straight to work on figuring out the best way to see and do all the activities high on your list. 

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