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Enjoy your Sunday with a stroll through the streets of Usaquén that are filled with handicraft and art stands once a week. You can listen to the sounds of street musicians while passing through the small picturesque streets and shopping for beautiful souvenirs.

handcrafted bags

Located in the north of Bogotá, Usaquén is an upscale district that can offer you an alternative programme, if you have already explored the historic neighborhood of  La Candelaria. The highlight for any visitor is the weekly “Mercado de las Pulgas”, the local flea market. You would expect to find second-hand goods such as clothing or jewelry but like many things in Bogotá, this market holds a surprise for you. It mainly sells handcrafted things like bags, jewelry, leather goods, art and other beautiful small reminders of your time in Colombia.     

leather purses at the market

Why is it worth a visit?

Visiting this market, chatting and haggling with the vendors, listening to the street musicians and (hopefully) enjoying the warmth of the Andean sun on your face is the perfect Sunday activity. The cheerful atmosphere and the many locals and tourists that pay a visit speak for themselves.
There are a lot of things to see on the streets but also some indoor marketplaces and you will pass the park of Usaquén which invites you to relax a bit. Once you have walked around the market a bit and get hungry, you can pay a visit to one of the many restaurants or cafes in the area and try some Colombian specialties.

The park of Usaquén

Keep in mind – Haggling is necessary

While you look at the handcrafts be aware that prices are set for tourists. Many street vendors expect you to haggle (or rather hope you don’t), so don’t be shy to ask for a lower price. Many times it already works when you tell them for what price you would buy it (for example for 7,000 COP instead of 10,000 COP). And be sure that even then the price is probably still too high.

How to get there?

It is easy to get to Usaquen by bus. Coming from La Candelaria, take a Colectivo on Carrera 10 going north. Keep an eye out for the buses which have a sign with “Usaquen” in the front window. 

Riding the bus in Bogotá is an adventure itself! Make sure to the driver knows that you want to get on the bus by waving him or he might just pass by your stop. You should also be quick to hop on and hold on to the handrails as the buses tend to continue their journey rather quickly.

It’s best to sit (or stand) on the right side of the bus so you can read the numbers on the houses. As soon as you read the number 118 or 119 as the first number, it means you are at the 118th / 119th street and have reached your destination.  Go into any street on your right and you will get to the market.

The easiest way is to take a taxi; it won’t cost you much and every driver knows where to find the Mercado de las Pulgas in Usaquén.

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