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Salsa is one of the most important music genres in Colombia. Born in New York City out of traditional Latin rhythms from Caribbean countries, salsa entered Colombia by storm. The innovative genre's flavor permeated throughout our regions, resulting in a huge salsa scene with not only excellent musicians, but mesmerizing dancers, and talented singers as well. Salsa groups are often big, demonstrating a huge mastery of synchronization and timing, and their lyrics tell stories about cities, love, and intriguing people. This genre bursts with flavor and passion and is incredible to dance and listen to.


Dancing salsa is an experience you can't miss! It's so much fun to move your body to the music and feel it resonating inside of you. Who knows, you might have some Colombian blood in you!  Fall in love with this music genre and get inspired to dance, sing or listen to it regularly.


Yes, we know, Cali is considered the “capital of Salsa," but that doesn't mean that we don’t dance in other Colombian cities! Bogotá has some great Salsa bars that you should check out during your stay, especially if you won’t make it to Cali.

Where do the locals go salsa dancing? In this blog post, we present three salsa bars that we visited and that offer an unforgettable night of rhythm and fun!


1. Salszburgo Galería Bar


Where: This bar is located in Carrera Novena with Calle 70 number 23 on the second floor. (Carrera 9 # 70 - 23 Piso 2)


Story: Named after the birth city of the great musician Mozart, the bohemian bar wants to position itself as one of the best salsa bars in Bogotá.


Music and Events: They mainly play salsa or related genres like jazz latino, son, timba, and songo. Salszburgo regularly hosts events, such as their Salsa Thursday or shows by invited artists and DJs. Check out their events on Facebook (link below) to to find an event that you want to see!


Facilities: The establishment has a smallish dance floor in the middle, and you’ll find tables with chairs and sofas on the sides with the bar opposite the entrance. There are convenient drawers underneath the seats to store your bags and jackets, so they will not come in the way when dancing. Salszburgo also provides small screens above the dancefloor, where they show music videos. The bar is great for practicing your first steps, so we recommend arriving early (beginning at 8pm).


More information:



Salszburgo Galería Bar

2. El Goce Pagano Club

Where: You will find this club at Diagonal 20a #0-82, which is close to Parque de Los Periodistas (Journalists Park), in Las Aguas o Germania, opposite of the University de Los Andes, Eje Ambiental o Avenida Jimenez con Carrera 1 esquina nor/oriental. 


History: El Goce opened in 1978, but originally situated in another neighborhood. Now, their bar is part of an historic house that dates back to 1745. As you can imagine, this house has an impressive story: visited by Simón Bólivar, functioning as a tollhouse, later inhabited by a prince, being the best sweets shop in Bogotá, and then converted into a famous brothel. In this 90's, El Goce made this legendary house their home. 


Music: The bar mainly plays salsa, but also reggae, rock & roll, blues, samba, as well as folkloric music from the Caribbean and Pacific coast.


Facilities: They have a rustic interior, with most of their tables and chairs made out of wood. On the walls, they put some torches as a light source, and their chimney adds a homey touch. The DJ booth looks very cool, from the ceiling dangle old instruments, and the wall behind the booth is packed with old vinyl discs. El Goce has two dance areas, in which you also find two big screens where music videos are shown. Because it is situated more in the center of the capital - on the border of La Candelaria, a popular area and near tourist hotspots - you might find more tourists and international people here.


More information:




Entrance to El Goce Pagano


3. Casa Quiebra Canto

Where: This traditional bar is located in the center of Bogotá: On Carrera 5 with Calle 17 number 76 (Cra. 5 #17-76).


History: Founded in 1979 by students from the National University, this bar is one of the oldest, established, and iconic Salsa bars in town.


Music and Events: Influenced by international music, Casa Quiebra Canto does not only play Salsa, but also jazz, funk, and soul. It is known for its great live music with excellent music groups. When we visited, a Venezuelan group, La Llave, played with two violins, a contrabass, a piano and different drums and percussion instruments. Quiebra Canto typically hosts lesser known bands and artists. From this small stage, popular groups have emerged, such as La 33 who played at this venue during their early years. The bar has weekly events with live bands and DJs--check out the schedule on their website.


Facilities: The bar has two floors, on the ground level, there is a stage with a dancing area in front of it. From the second floor, you'll have a view overlooking the stage. On the sides of the rooms are tables and chairs to relax. They have a large bar to order from, but they also offer table service. Quiebra Canto's walls are plastered with photos and posters of different artists that create a great ambiance.


More information:




View on the stage in Quiebra Canto


Are you staying in a totally different part of the city? Check out this website to look for Salsa bars closer to where you live (website in Spanish): https://www.hardsalsabogota.com/bares/

To get you in the right mood for your Salsa night, or if you want to practice some steps beforehand, we created a Salsa playlist for you!

Listen here on Spotify or here on Youtube to get inspired! Have fun on your Salsa Tour through the best bars in Bogotá!


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