The Path of The Anaconda - Amazon Excursion


6 Days

Group Tour

This trip will take you deep into the Amazon, to pristine and distant places that remind you of how magical and admirable nature is. Connect with various indigenous communities and learn about their valuable intangible heritage.

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This trip will take you deep into the Amazon, to pristine and distant places that remind us how magical and admirable nature is. In this ecosystem where the human race is just another species, we will visit true natural wonders that remain sheltered among a deep jungle, so vast that it extends to the entire horizon. We will get to know the ancestral ethnic groups of the Amazon and share with the Tucanos, Taibanos, Barasanos, Cuberos, Tatuyos, Besanos and Guananos who have coexisted with the endless jungle since time immemorial. 

More than a trip, this is a call and an invitation to participate in a magical and spontaneous event that is in danger of extinction and that is part of the intangible heritage of humanity; The Sacred Dance of the Yurupari. 

Formerly, this ceremony was kept in the jungle and hidden for visitors, but the Elders have opened their doors so that these dances remain engraved in our memory and that of humanity and thus be remembered forever. 


  • Private Charter Flight: Mitú - Buenos Aires - Mitú
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners within the expedition from Mitú.
  • Motor boat for navigation during 5 days.
  • Contributions to the wise men and shamans.
  • Permits and payments for lodging and activities.
  • One night of lodging in a basic hotel in Mitú.
  • Expedition Tour Leader
  • 2 local guides during the whole expedition in the Apaporis.
  • Cook and fisherman for the 2nd and 3rd day of the expedition.
  • Transfer from Mitú airport to the hotel and back.
  • 1,500,000 in gift contributions for the whole community.
  • Medical Assistance Insurance (not covered in the Apaporis, only in Mitú).

Not Included

  • Satena tickets: Bogotá - Mitú - Bogotá (between $400,000 and $800.000)
  • Refreshments
  • Airport taxes
  • Extra costs due to flight delays or itineraries that do not depend on logistics.
  • Undescribed expenses

Important information

This trip has a low comfort level. We will be in very remote and difficult to access places, so we have to be prepared. Although we will be sleeping under shelter, we will be moving around a lot and traveling light.  

For the accommodation everyone should bring their own hammock with mosquito net or, if you prefer, tent (without stakes) and mat and carry everything in your backpack. For this reason we recommend the Hammock to minimize the volume and weight that we will carry and reduce fatigue while walking. 

As for food, we will eat what the locals eat (based on fish, flour and vegetables). If you have a specific diet you will have to bring your own food. 

The water we will consume will always be boiled but if you are sensitive to water we advise you to bring water purification tablets or a filter. 

The last night we will sleep in a basic hotel in Mitú. 

Additional information

Things to bring:

  • A change of clothes for travel on flights and land travel.
  • A change of clothes for walking (long pants that convert into shorts, long sleeve shirt or T-shirt, tennis or walking boots or sandals for river)
  • Change of clothes for sleeping
  • Personal toiletries. (Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste etc).
  • If you are vegetarian bring your own food for us to prepare there.
  • Rubber boots, tennis shoes and sandals.
  • Identity documents
  • Personal medication
  • Bathing suit
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Sun screen, natural without chemicals. Or do not use. Insect repellent. (We recommend taking thiamine a week before the trip) (plenty of it).
  • Flashlight and spare battery
  • Solar Powerbank (preferably to charge your camera and cell phone batteries)
  • Zip lock bags of various sizes to store electronic items.
  • Personal utensils: Deep plate and plastic cup. Spoon, fork and knife.
  • Water purifying filter or water purifying tablets. (optional, we boil water there).
  • Small towel
  • No camouflaged items
  • Waterproof poncho.
  • Be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus. (Not obligatory, we only suggest it)
  • A hands free 35 Lt backpack for the hikes and hopefully everything stored in this backpack.
  • Gifts for the communities. NOT MANDATORY, ONLY IF IT COMES FROM THE HEART: school supplies, notebooks, colors, paints, children's stories, fishing nylons, fishing hooks, rubber boots, clothes for children and adults, lanterns or solar energy lamps, etc.
  • The community (isolated tribe) lacks some specific elements that can be taken from Bogotá. If we ask them in advance, they can tell us their needs and maybe we can bring them the things they need. This is not mandatory.

Cancellation policies
(Free cancellation available)

To make a reservation you must pay 100% of the value of the trip. 
To cancel the trip must be made 5 days before the departure date and 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded. After the fourth day the money will not be refunded. 
In case of no-show, no refund will be made.
In fortuitous cases (climatic changes, natural disasters, landslides, mishaps in air, land or river transportation) in which the trip has to be cancelled, 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded. 

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