Somos un equipo de narradores y les traemos lo mejor que Colombia tiene por ofrecer. En nuestro blog, respondemos a las preguntas más frequentes y revelamos los místerios, la cultura y lo mejor para hacer en nuestro país para ustedes.

On this bucket list, we present 50 experiences you can't miss during your time in Colombia! Use it as inspiration for your travel planning to get the most out of your stay.

How many will you have during your travels? Can you get them all?

1. Start your day with a Colombian coffee

A delicious cup of coffee

Colombia is famous for its coffee culture. Convince yourself of the quality and have a cup of coffee to start your day right!

2. Go Whale Watching at the Pacific

Majestic beauty

From May to November the famous Humpback whales travel to the warmer waters of Colombia. At our Pacific coast, they meet to mate and give birth to their calves. You can observe them on a whale watching tour, sometimes it is even possible to see them from the beach!



3. Bathe in the Mud-Volcano Totumo

Looks weird but feels good

This volcano outside of Cartagena is filled with soothing and healing mud! The grey mud is very dense, that's why you cannot sink. You'll surely remember this fun trip.

4. Relax in one of the Gachas of Guadalupe

Time to relax

In Santander, you can find a river that is famous for its peculiar holes in the red rock. The color of the rock shines through the clear water and contrasts with the green landscape. Definitely a must-see!

5. Play the Colombian sport Tejo with locals

Playing tejo and drinking beer

Explosions, beer, clothes dirty with clay, laughter - you don't need more to enjoy a great night! Let locals explain you the rules and find your personal technique to throw the Tejo and hit a metcha!

6. Eat Bandeja Paisa in Antioquia

A traditional Bandeja Paisa

A giant tray of food that combines rice, meat, beans and patacón - sounds like a feast! Try this traditional Antioquian dish on your travels and find someone to share it with ;) Find out more about this famous meal in our blog post. 

7. Float on cloud nine in the cloud forest Chicaque

The cloud forest

Only 30 minutes from Bogotá, you can be stunned by flora and fauna of this Natural Park. And yes, you can see Llamas and Sloths there! Read more in our blog Post about Chicaque.

8. Look for bears and deer at Chingaza National Park

Chingaza National Park

High in the Andes, the weather is cold and rainy - maybe not the first thing you have in mind when thinking about Colombia? This climate, however, shapes the stunning Páramo landscape which is home to a lot of animals like bird, deer and bears. Can you spot them on your trip?

9.  Learn how to dance Salsa in Calí

Dancing Salsa is fun!

Let yourself be guided by the music and its rhythm on a night out in Cali! Get to know the Salsa scene and let the Colombians teach you a few steps, so you can impress your friends and family at home. ;)

10. Understand Colombia's past conflict and the vigorous efforts to change the country

El Centro de Memoria

To understand Colombia today, it is necessary to have a look at its history. As a traveller, you will be an advocate of our country, and you can help improve Colombia's image.


11. More awesome experiences!

Our new Bucket List for 2021 is coming soon! Fill out the form in the footer below if you want to be the first one to get it.


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