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Discover Colombia's 50 most unmissable experiences, use it as inspiration for your travel planning and ensure that you get the most out of your stay. We have been collaborating with our personal network of Colombian experts here at Impulse to revamp our guide to the essential, must-live travel adventures that Colombia has to offer. 


How many will you have during your travels? Read our Ultimate Bucketlist below to get a head start on your travel planning process and get insight into how to make your travels impactful and authentic. 

1. Start your day with a Colombian coffee

A delicious cup of coffee

Colombia is famous for its coffee culture, and for good reason, the coffee here is pure, straight-up quality. So, pour yourself a cup and start your day right!


2. See where the desert meets the sea

Rolling landscapes

The Guajira offers stunning scenery, with rolling desert dunes folding into the Caribbean Sea. However, the region offers more than just stunning landscapes, being home to the Indigenous Wayuu people, along with their rich culture and history of resilience. A trip to this region offers a deep insight into a completely different world, an opportunity to delve wholeheartedly into a new world at the most northern point of South America!

3. Feast on our rich Chocolate, straight from the source

Sneak peek at our rich range of chocolate

Colombia’s chocolate is as pure and as diverse in flavors as the nation itself. There are many chocolate experiences all over the country, including those which have grown from socially impactful initiatives. Check out some of these varied Colombian chocolate producers to make sure you don’t miss out.


4. Visit el Guaviare and Caño Cristales

Time to relax

The Guaviare provides a unique cultural adventure through the miraculous Colombian jungle. Experience mesmerizing landscapes of a dense tropical region, and discover more about the reformative processes underwent by local workers in the region, who have transformed production processes of the Coca plant to the production of local fruits. See our guide to exploring this region here.

5. Witness the transformation of Medellín

Moravia Tours in Medellín, once a garbage tip, now a flourishing community with the city’s biggest flower garden

The City of Eternal Spring, Medellín has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years, a city bursting with color, flavor and inspiring stories.Check out our blog on the artistic transformation of Medellín and the myriad of incredible experiences on offer to truly engage with the city.  

6. Go scuba diving in the waters of the Caribbean

Rosario Islands

The Rosario Islands are home to a diverse underwater kingdom. The coral reefs surrounding the islands in the San Bernado National park are sprawling with a plethora of fascinating fishy creatures, and renowned for the tropical turquoise waters. Come take a dip and practice your scuba and snorkeling skills, after reading our blog for some inspiration.


7. Float on cloud nine in the cloud forest Chicaque

The cloud forest

Only 30 minutes from Bogotá, you can spend your day checking out the exotic flora and fauna of this Natural Park. And yes, that includes Llamas and Sloths! Read more in our blog postabout Chicaque.


8. Visit one of Colombia’s many quaint colonial towns 


From Villa de Leyva to Barichara, Colombia’s colonial towns are frozen in time, retaining the colonial architecture of yesteryear with their rolling cobbled streets cutting through the whitewashed buildings and rustic wooden fixtures. Read all about our favorite towns here


9.  Learn how to dance Salsa in Calí

Dancing Salsa is fun!


Let the music be your guide and feel the rhythm on a night out in Cali! Get to know the Salsa scene and let the Colombians teach you a few steps, so you can impress your friends and family at home.


10. Understand Colombia's past conflict and the vigorous efforts to change the country

El Centro de Memoria

To understand the Colombia of today, we must first know its history. As a traveler, you will be an advocate of our country, and you can help improve Colombia's image.


11. More awesome experiences!

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