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There are different options for you to stay in Bogota. You will probably choose to stay either in the historical part La Candelaria or in the north of Bogota in Zona TChicoChico Norte or Usaquen. It’s hard to decide where it’s best to stay, it depends on your interests and preferences.

La Candelaria

In midst of the historical part of the city most hotels and hostels are located in very pretty houses and many rooms are furnished in a traditional colonial style. You would be staying near all important historical places like Plaza de Bolivar, Las Aguas and Museo de Oro. There are tons of other things to do and many options to go out for all meals of the day. From typical Colombian dishes up to vegetarian restaurants and international food, there is almost everything you could wish for.

Yes, it will take you a while to get to the clubbing area of Zona T, but taxis in Bogota are pretty cheap and generally safe (read more about taxis in Bogota here).

To be honest, La Candelaria is not the safest area at night (in parts because some of its adjacent neighborhoods in the south are poor and with a lot of criminal activity). All locals will tell you to be very careful and not to walk around alone at night. We think with common sense like avoiding to walk in streets that are very lonely and not going out just by yourself at night you should be fine.

La Candelaria

Zona T / Chico / Chico Norte

Here you can find everything you are probably used to in your home country. It has a very modern flare like in Europe or in North America. There are shopping malls where you can buy your usual brands and where you can go to many restaurants with international food (for example a Hard Rock Café).

It’s more like an upscale area so expect to spend more money than you would in La Candelaria. Some bars and discotheques will charge a cover fee (around 20,000 COP) or will sell alcohol only in bottles (like aguardiente or rum) instead of beer.


If you prefer the charming atmosphere in La Candelaria, you will miss it in Zona T / Chico / Norte. However, another option is to stay in Usaquen. It will be a bit further away from La Candelaria but it is a nice quiet and safe neighborhood with excellent restaurants around. From there you will need about 30 minutes to get to La Candelaria (provided that there is not too much traffic, better plan 45 minutes or 1 hour to get there. You can use the Transmilenio buses during the day (here you get further information), we just recommend to take them outside the rush hour because they can be really crowded.


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