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Medellín, the city of eternal spring, is one of the must-sees when being in Colombia, but more than just visiting the city sights, you can take advantage of Medellín’s location, since it’s a great spot to start day trips from. 

Medellín, Comuna 13

No matter if you are interested in discovering Colombia’s nature, want to learn more about Antioquia’s former capital or simply feel like taking a break from the hustle of the large city of Medellín. The surroundings of the city cover that. They offer anything from remote natural places, to romantic colonial towns or must-see places for an extra adrenalin injection. Find out about the perfect day trip destinations starting from Medellín.

Colorful buildings of Guatapé 


Guatapé is probably the most known day trip destination from Medellín. Stroll down the colorful streets, snap a few pictures and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. There are several cafés to sit down and you get to marvel at the colorful houses. Of course, there is also the monolith “El Peñol de Guatape” located in this area, you shouldn’t miss out on. Taking more than 740 steps to reach the top might seem tiring, but the view from up there will reward you for your efforts. The man-made lakes, which you can see from up there, can also be explored on a boat trip.

El Peñol of Guatapé


A bit less known than Guatape, but just as colorful and beautiful is the small town of Jardín. Escape the busy streets of Medellín’s for a day and just slow down a bit. Jardín is the perfect spot to relax and to explore the stunning nature surrounding the town. You can take horseback rides to a nearby waterfall, or take a coffee farm tour. There you can learn about how coffee is cultivated and which steps are needed until it’s ready to be prepared, so you can enjoy your favorite drink in the morning. Food lovers will also find something matching their taste here, as Del Dulces Jardín offers several different jams, pastels, and homemade Arequipe. A caramel sauce, made of sweetened condensed milk, which is very typical for Colombia. 

Jardín’s streets


If you prefer a little action instead of just drinking coffee, but you still love to discover beautiful landscapes, make sure to take a day trip to Corconá. It’s located only two hours from Medellín and is one of Colombia’s hot spots to go paragliding. Here you can fly over a waterfall within the dense forest. Where else do you get the chance to do so? It’s not very touristy and the landscape is simply impressive. If you are looking for an extra adrenaline shot, Corconá is your choice.


Santa Elena

Medellíns most famous festival is the Feria de Los Flores, where the city is covered in colorful flowers. In case you wondered where they all come from, take a day trip to Santa Elena, the flower village. There you can stroll by the beautiful flower fields and get introduced to flower farming. Learn how the farmers here take care of their gorgeous plants.

Flower Farmer in Santa Elena

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the oldest Colonial towns in the region and was the former capital of Antioquia. It’s another town, that is located on a lower altitude than Medellín, which again influences the climate. In case you don’t feel warm enough in Medellín, check out Santa Fe. More than just enjoying the warm climate, the small town is worth a visit for the colonial architecture. It offers many old churches, that can be visited and there is also a museum located in town. Another sight in Santa Fe is the Puente de Occidente (Bridge of the West), which is one of the oldest and longest suspension bridges in Latin America. The bridge is located only a few kilometers outside the town center.

Puente de Occidente

Carmen de Viboral

This is the perfect spot for anyone who loves handcrafts. Still not that known with tourists, Carmen de Viboral is an authentic place to get introduced to Colombia’s ceramic production. Handicraft souvenirs are something, you find almost anywhere traveling through Colombia, but with some, it’s hard to tell, how authentic they really are. In Carmen de Viboral you don’t have to worry. The pottery here is still made by hand. You can explore the beautiful pieces within the museum of ceramics, getting some insights on the history of pottery and the impact it had on the development of the town. Or you simply stroll down the streets, having a look into the local stores. If you want to learn even more about how the pottery is produced, you can attend a workshop. There the whole process from producing the clay, to painting, and baking the different pieces is explained to you. For the artsy people out there, there are also several options to paint your own piece of pottery and take home your very own handcrafted souvenir. You can round off the day in Carmen de Viboral by walking down the ceramic streets, where ceramic pieces and whole plates are included in the walls. 

Baking Pottery

Although Medellín is a stunning place, with many places to see, don’t miss out on the surroundings, when you are there. Antioquia is so much more than it’s capital. Fall in love with the colorful small towns, the stunning natural sights, and the traditional handicraft work produced here and take advantage of Medell’in location, as you can discover all these places within a few hours ride from the large city.



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