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The global pandemic has affected all of us, personally and professionally. On this page, we want to give you a quick overview of how we are managing this situation and what to expect from us.

1. We care about all travelers

We know that travel bans have caused problems for many people in getting home but also with vacations that were already booked. That is why we have taken the following measures to try to make the situation easier for everyone involved in these issues:
  • We have updated our cancellation policy so that everyone who already had a tour or a tailored vacation booked won't lose their money. Payments are refunded where it is possible and any non-refundable deposits will be held as a credit for future travels. For bookings from April 1st onwards, our COVID cancellation policy will allow a full refund until 24h before the tour (terms and conditions apply for tours with hotels or flight bookings). We have also lowered the deposit to book a tour to 20%.
  • If you need any assistance with a trip you have booked to Colombia (whether it's with us or another company) you can get in touch at info@impulsetravel.co and we will do our best to help you solve your issues and answer all your questions.

2. We know that now is the time to support each other

As a small business in the travel industry, we have also been affected by the global pandemic and travel bans that prevent us from doing what we love most - share our country and its stories with visitors. However, we feel that it is important to take the time for exchanging opinions, experiences, and support with our partners and clients. This is why we launched the following initiatives:
  • We have started a campaign called #BeaChangemaker to collect funds that will allow us to support 15 community-driven projects we have been working with. The communities behind these initiatives have made incredible contributions to social transformation in Colombia and it is vital to the country's development that they are supported now so they can keep flourishing even during the crisis. You can learn more about #BeaChangemaker on our GoFundMe-Page.
  • Especially for our partners, guides, and allies, we have launched a video that explains what our next steps will be. For us, this is important to manage expectations and care for the people that matter to us by including them in the process of navigating through this difficult time. Note: The video is in Spanish but you can activate English subtitles on YouTube.

3. We can't wait to welcome you soon

Clearly, these are uncertain times and so far there's no reliable prediction as to when travel will be possible again. However, we are working hard to prepare for the moment that travel bans lift to give everyone an amazing and safe experience:
  • If you have your trip planned and already want to look into some experiences that might be interesting for you, you can buy one of our IMPULSE vouchers with a 15% discount. This supports our business throughout the crisis and gives you the flexibility to travel whenever you want and choose any of our 200+ travel experiences.
  • Within the fundraising campaign, we are also developing an e-learning course that among other things will teach the local communities we work with how to offer responsible and safe experiences to any visitors.
Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact form in the footer.

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