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The Guaviare Jungle 4-Day trip

"Discover the versatile jungle landscape of Guaviare with its ancient rock formations, fascinating animal species and tropical climate on an exciting 4-day expedition."


  • Hike to Caño Sabana, and experience a smaller version of the famous rainbow river Caño Cristales
  • Study thousand-year-old rock paintings at Cerro Azul
  • Swim with pink dolphins in the Damas del Nare Lagoon
  • Get in touch with local indigenous groups and learn about their culture
  • Visit the ETCR village, a recovery project for Colombian ex-combats
  • This is a HEART experience (more in important information)

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Colombia's jungle: what you need to see and do in El Guaviare

The night before the start of your journey, your guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the terminal and take the10 pm bus from Bogotá to San José del Guaviare.

Day 1

A driver will be waiting for you in the morning when you arrive in San José, to take you to your hotel, settle down, store your luggage and get ready to go.  You’ll then be picked up at the hotel in a 4x4 to embark on your first adventure. You’ll hike for about an hour through the jungle and will be able to observe the fascinating and diverse flora and fauna. Then, you’ll reach the Gate of Orion, an impressive rock formation that got its name from the star formation belt of Orion. From here you’ll also have an incredible view over the landscape. Continuing your trek you’ll arrive at Caño Sabana, a small river where the same colorful algae as in Caño Cristales flourishes between June and November. A little further down the river flow, you’ll visit Tranquilandia, A spot with crystal clear water where you’ll be able to take a dip. You’ll then return to your pick-up place and be taken back to your hotel for dinner. 

Day 2 

On the second day, we will pick you up at the hotel to take you to Los Chontaduros, a farm that was used to process coca to cocaine during the times of conflict in Colombia.

You will visit a former Cocaine paste producing farm where you will be able to see ten different coca plant varieties and learn about the shocking story that made them leave the drug business behind to produce local fruits. You will also know about the cocaine production process and understand the toxic chemicals involved and the deadly risks of this illegal business. Then, you’ll set out to discover Cerro Azul. The hill itself is a sight to see but making your way up the winding hiking trek you’ll come to discover many fascinating views. The most impressive undoubtedly are the ancient paintings of indigenous tribes that stretch across entire walls of the hill. Experts are only starting to uncover the meanings of the numerous symbols and stories told by this art. You will also have the chance to pass through one of the caverns inside the hill and see the surrounding nature from a viewpoint at the top. 

Day 3 


Your third day will start early in the morning. Before sunrise, you’ll be picked up by your driver and your guide for a unique experience. Going through Guaviare River, you will get deep into the jungle among enormous trees and vivid birds before getting to land. Then you’ll hike through the jungle to arrive at a magical lagoon inhabited by pink dolphins. There you’ll get in a small raft to get closer to the dolphins to swim and interact with this sociable, and unique animals.  After, you will leave the jungle behind as you return to San José del Guaviare where you’ll have time to rest before dinner time where you’ll have an indigenous dinner experience.  During this experience, you’ll learn about the Tucano-Oriental tribe, listen to their music and see a live performance of their typical dances. Later on, you’ll be served a delicious typical recipe from the tribe that consists mainly of fish and yucca, and that will make you properly savor the flavors of the jungle.

Day 4 

On a 4x4 trip of approximately two hours, you will go to ETCR Colinas. This place, key to understanding Colombia's peace process, will show you how former members of the FARC guerrillas returned to civilian life by leading impressive agricultural projects which support the preservation of nature and sustainability.  You will also learn about their life and experiences from their past, as you see how guerrilla camps were made in the jungle and how they stopped being part of an armed war to become elements of a political and ecological fight.

At the end of your experience, you will take the night bus to return to Bogotá. Upon arriving in Bogotá early in the morning, a driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the hotel.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese or Italian guide
  • Entry to attractions & activities mentioned
  • Accommodation in a hotel for three nights
  • Meals specified in the description
  • Transportation in a 4x4 to the hikes
  • Contribution to local communities
  • Impulse Insurance
  • Optional: This experience is valid for our IMPULSE Welcome Package Promotion


  • Snacks, unspecified food or beverage


A small backpack for the hikes

Hiking boots

Shoes that can get wet

Bathing suit & towel

Long Sleeve shirt to protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes

Light and quick-dry clothing

Refillable water bottle or camel back

Sunscreen, hat & sunglasses

Mosquito repellent



If  you prefer to travel and return from San José del Guaviare by plane, you can contact us to make appropriate adjustments to the itinerary and tour prices.

If the dates available on the calendar do not fit your travel plans, contact us to make the necessary adjustments.

The season where the plants that give Sabana its color only grow from June to November, which is the rain season. Please have this in mind when planning your trip if the river is one of your main interests. 

How this tour creates an impact

This experience supports social projects in many significant ways. The visits to the ETCR and the former coca farm create a deeper understanding for Colombia’s history and the ongoing peace process. Showing projects like fruit cultivation and marmalade production is an incredible way to support the productive projects of ex-combatants and facilitate empathy between Colombians and in the international community. Addressing misperceptions about Colombia, it’s history and current developments is an important part of reconciliation and recovery. Moreover, a visit to indigenous communities supports the appreciation and preservation of Colombia’s cultural diversity.

This tour is part of our HEART experiences.

Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

Our tours with transport include the time of the journeys within the duration.

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