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Rafting for Peace 3-Day Trip

"Dive into an experience of adventure and historical memory in the Pato River waters of the Caquetá jungle, guided by locals and FARC ex-combatants who spread a profound message of peace."


  • Engage with ex-FARC members to learn about Colombia's history of armed conflict and the impressive story of how peace is being built in the country with this group who chose to change their rifles for paddles.
  • Raft in the rapids of the Pato River or descend in a boat through the area of Los Cajones, to admire native birds and lush landscapes.
  • Experience the daily life of the Miravalle ETCR, center for training and reconciliation, and visit the productive projects of the local communities.
  • Interact with locals in a nocturnal activity of dialogue and cultural exchange.
  • Visit the local memory museum guided by ex-combatant women.
  • This is a HEART experience (more in important information)

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Remando por la paz: Una muestra de cómo el turismo apoya la paz y justicia social en Colombia

You’ll explore San Vicente del Caguán (Caquetá), a region that was once a hotbed of clashes during the country’s armed conflict. You’ll meet a group of former guerrilla members from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) who chose rafting as their path to social reintegration. These ex-combatants and community members are now athletes and certified rafting guides who will lead you in a life-changing experience that combines adventure, nature and peace teachings. 

Day 1 

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel in Bogotá and take you to the airport to fly with you to San Vicente del Caguán, the municipality where your adventure will begin. Once there, we'll take you to Miravalle, two hours away by van. You’ll arrive at the Miravalle-ETCR (Territorial Training and Reintegration Area) to settle in the shared dormitories and take a guided tour of the place. You’ll hear the stories of the murals of the ETCR, meet and interact with locals while having fun playing  rana(frog) or tejo , two of the most traditional games in Colombia. You'll end the day with a dinner prepared by one of the ETCR families.

Day 2 

Next morning, after having breakfast, you’ll leave the ETCR to live the rafting experience along the historic Río Pato guided by ex-combatants. You can choose between rafting on the river rapids or enjoying a relaxing tour by boat. Heading downstream through the Los Cajones sector, you’ll get to know the impressive canyon of the Pato River and cross its caves, where Guácharos (oilbirds) and other wildlife species inhabit. For both rafting activities, you'll receive an introduction to the history of the Pato River and all the safety recommendations you need to enjoy this unforgettable experience to the fullest. The boat trip lasts two and a half hours.  

After the river experience, you’ll return to the ETCR for lunch and get ready to go on a walk to the community's productive projects and then to the local museum of memory. This museum is a space created by ex-combatant women who have collected artifacts that the community has preserved since the time of conflict. They'll tell you about their experiences and lessons learned after surviving the war. Before leaving, you’ll taste a frozen juice of arazá, an Amazonian fruit, prepared by a woman from the community. After dinner, you’ll hang out with people who live in the ETCR during a cultural night, where you will discuss the area’s historical memory, their life stories, as well as participate in a music activity.  

Day 3  

On the last day, you'll leave early in the morning to make a 2-hour bird watching walk through the sector of La Punta, where you can take pictures and watch different species of flora and fauna in the middle of the tropical rainforest. You'll return to the ETCR to have a special breakfast and get ready for the trip back to the airport and then to your hotel, once you and your guide land in Bogotá.


  • Transportation to and from San Vicente del Caguán - Miravalle
  • English-speaking guide
  • Shared accommodation and bathrooms at the ETCR for two nights
  • Meals specified in the description
  • Local transportation
  • Contribution to local communities
  • Impulse Insurance
  • Optional: This experience is valid for our IMPULSE Welcome Package Promotion


  • Unspecified food or beverage
  • Transportation or Flights to and from Bogotá - San Vicente del Caguán


Small backpack for walks

Hiking boots

Water shoes

Swimsuit and towel

Long-sleeved shirt and pants to protect yourself from sun and mosquitoes

Light and fast-drying clothes

Sunscreen, hat ,and sunglasses

Mosquito Repellent


The itinerary will be confirmed after requesting your quote and will depend on flight availability. Modifications to the order of activities in the itinerary may occur. 

Lodging at the ETCR is group accommodation. 

How this tour creates an impact

With this tour, you will support the peace-building process of ex-combatants and community members that are now athletes and certified rafting guides who lead a life-changing experience that combines adventure, nature and peace teachings. You will engage with ex-FARC members to learn about Colombia's history of armed conflict and the impressive story of how peace is being built in the country with this group who chose to change their rifles for paddles. 

This tour is part of our HEART experiences.


Changes on the tour may occur due to external factors. These changes will be notified to you with anticipation.

Our tours with transport include the time of the journeys within the duration.

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