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Our Impact

What are HEART experiences?


IMPULSE is committed to creating tours with a positive impact on locals and travelers. This is why we develop our HEART products. These products make a difference by fulfilling the following characteristics:

  • Human Centered: People always come first when designing experiences. With a human approach and a strong sense of empathy, we say people are our real destinations. 
  • Economic Opportunities: We work to re-weave the social fabric, making war-based economies obsolete, and preserving culture through tourism-generated job opportunities.
  • Authentic: Our experiences go beyond the surface by connecting travelers to the people who keep culture alive and who lead peace transformations.
  • RegeNarrative: We inspire travelers through transformation stories of people who are making a change for the country and those around them by turning negative situations into positive ones.
  • Top-Notch: Our tours are designed and operated with extreme care. We prototype, refine, update, and test them through time to guarantee the best experiences for our travelers.  

How we measure our positive impact 

Our impact metrics quantify the change we generate for communities

But there's more outside the numbers:

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