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If you’re already dreaming about traveling again and want to make your trip worth it, we strongly recommend visiting Colombia. From remote beaches to jungle hikes, the country has everything you could wish for during a well-deserved after-Covid rest. In addition, the country has led the way in South America in biosafety and is making important progress in sustainable tourism. After researching the post-pandemic travel trends , we found that Colombia fulfills many of the aspects travelers will require. Here are some reasons why Colombia should be on your post-covid bucket list.

1. Safety of the destination

The perception of risk when traveling has increased with the pandemic and that is why health and hygiene in travel are now more important than ever. According to a study from ProColombia, Colombia’s tourism board, 60% of travelers consider that the way destinations have handled the crisis and the measures they take to lower the risk of infection will impact their decision making. Colombia’s government has appropriately managed the crisis by declaring a national emergency, closing its national and international borders until August 31st and issuing policies and protocols related to biosafety, as making the use of masks and temperature-checking mandatory. It has also contributed to establish the World Tourism Organization’s guidelines for after- COVID travel; was one of the first members to participate in the coalition for Sustainable Tourism; and released a biosecurity stamp for businesses of the travel industry. 


2. Off-the-beaten-path and remote locations

If the “away from crowds” philosophy was on the rise the past few years, now it is the time to shine for those places with unique magic that tourists rarely visit. According to research from Tripadvisor, 59% of travelers reported that they would rather visit off-the-beaten-path destinations when travel reopens. With social distancing and stricter health precautions, people will prefer to go to remote destinations where resting on a hidden beach, admiring the landscapes from a small boutique hotel, or breathing fresh air in the middle of the jungle-all away from crowds- is a possibility. Besides the already well-known hotspots in Colombia, there are several destinations where tranquility, privacy, and uniqueness, are the motto. Deserts, white-sanded beaches, and tropical forests surrounded by the Pacific ocean are waiting to be discovered by avid travelers looking for truly remote destinations. This goes without saying that these tiny remote places are already working on the necessary biosecurity protocols and will be very strict with health precautions when welcoming travelers.


3. Nature over urban destinations

In order to feel safer and isolated and have the chance to truly relax and have fun, people will be more inclined to do outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and trekking in nature rather than visiting indoor spaces like museums and big cities where the probability to be exposed to large crowds is higher. The recent Google searches show an increasing trend in looking for this kind of place. In addition, the perception of safety according to trip type is higher in places like beaches, nature camps and national parks, as per the research of destinations analysts, where uncrowded is also an important attribute to select a destination. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country and has the largest number of bird species in the world, aside from the wide variety of ecosystems that go from Paramo to Mangroves. This makes the country especially appealing for those wanting to go for a retreat in nature and relish in unique activities to connect with beautiful landscapes and their inner selves.

Credits: Hotel Punta Brava, Nuquí

4. Multi-generation trips

Due to the self-isolation restrictions and precautions for the elderly, families haven’t been able to meet up and visit their loved ones for a while. This might be the reason for the shift in customers' behavior and interests, and why 80% of travelers are now more lean to travel with family in the future as per the Tripadvisor research. The destinations that will be successful in this matter are the ones that can provide activities and comfort for all ages and that are safe and enjoyable for the family altogether. From cooking classes, passing through low level hikes and visits to coffee farms, to hot-air balloon flights, Colombian destinations offer activities for the whole family to have an amazing time and share memories together.


5. Community-focused experiences

Now that people have been reminded of the importance of leisure and work-life balance and doing what fulfills them as persons to contribute to their personal growth, they will want to travel with a purpose and really experience the destinations they visit. There’s no better way to do this than by approaching local communities and sharing enriching moments. Colombia’s vast cultural diversity will allow travelers to have one-of-a-kind experiences when joining the leaders of interesting projects that will show their valuable traditions and knowledge first-hand and allow visitors to interact with local cultures to fall in love with the country.

The truth is that the evolution of the pandemic is still uncertain and thus it is hard to predict what the behavior of tourists will be in the next few months. However, Colombia has been making strong efforts to get ready for when international travel is reopened and travelers are able to experience the country again.

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